Demonic mad maid captured on camera

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In life, there are many things which we don’t understand. Sometimes, we try to label things, so that we can understand them better.

It seems that in the country of Singapore, a maid is seen behaving rather strangely, after she finished her shower. Even from the first glance captured on a CCTV camera, the maid is seen acting totally different. Everything seemed okay, if not for only a mere moment. She was doing okay it seemed, until she started making unusual gestures, knowing that the camera was pointed her way.

Mad maid possessed pointing

Some have speculated, that this was her way of trying to get fired from her current employer. But this may not be the case, her entire persona has been completely altered according to her employer. The reason they have cameras setup, is to protect both their property and those who are at the residence—in a non-disclosed location in Singapore.

With many paranormal encounters, sometimes energies exist. These energies can physically affect things around them. The assumption here is, that the maid has been possessed by some sort of demonic presence.

Quite often in possessions, the person may even appear normal at first, until they answer in different tongues and/or try to psychologically get into another persons mind. Evil spirits also may do this, however this appears more demonic by nature.

Mad maid possessed

Looking at the eyes of the woman, she doesn’t appear normal by any means. This demon was trying to get attention through her, using her as some sort of vessel. This is quite typical of a demon, as they are able to put all the focus upon them—through hypnotic effects and mental transference’s.

The video is disturbing, as the maid seems to display her hands forward and her hands behind her back. The possessed maid, seemingly shuffles around the residence and during one time in the video, sits down onto the floor. The setup looks much like some kind of horror movie. The maid continues to roam around, as she gestures pointing around the room with her hair eerily hanging in front of her face.

The man who lives here said that when this happened, he said it was good that his wife and kids were not home. This surely would have scared them quite a bit he stated as it did with him. While the footage is quite odd, it is rather controversial as well. Many questions remain unanswered and it is suspicious how the maid knows where the camera is it seems at all times. Regardless of this, the footage is kind of creepy to watch.

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