Creepy photos from the past

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Sometimes during the dark, certain things can come out to play. They may seem rather normal to some and to others something else entirely. The following photographs were taken from yesterdays past and demonstrate just how weird life was…for people from previous generations.

Some of these seem innocent enough, but are downright creepy to look at. A few of these photos, celebrate the Halloween spirit, while others are portraits from the dark past. All of these photos, seem to capture a momentous moment—believed to be sacred to the folks featured in these photographs. Most any of these photos, could be the inspiration for a modern day horror movie which includes occult photos, creepy family photos and more.

Most certainly, the world is a mysterious place—filled with wonder and delight. In these particular photos, absolute fright. While these are mere samples of many photos floating around, they do give people a perspective about early living in different places. The origination of these photos are not known, but were composited by the site The Meta Picture.

Some comments so far about these photos, include people saying “weird stuff” and “This is scary as Hell”. Without further ado, it is easy to see why, check out these creepy photos below.

Creepy old pictures

Creepy pictures from the past

Creepy old pictures from the past

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