Screaming Schoolgirls Suffer From Mass Hysteria In Malaysia

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It seems to happen sporadically in Indonesia for some reason or another. Recently, a mass hysteria panic happened at one girls school in north-east Malaysia. 

When things like this happen, the students and/or staff are told to stay at home instead. These types of possessions seem to happen to only a few students at once. However, there have been cases where hundreds of students among others, have suddenly been overtaken by evil type spirits. 

Screaming Schoolgirls Suffer From Mass Hysteria In Malaysia

School officials sometimes choose to bring in someone to conduct an exorcism, such as a priest. Speculations are, some of these students are simply feeling overwhelming pressure while attending these schools and they ‘crack’ from the pressure they are under to do well. These so-called possessions, usually happen during the final year of high school from September onward.

Some cultures believe in supernatural type things more so than others, yet everyone has heard about ghosts, aliens or UFOs. 

Image: Joshua Paul/BBC

One 17 year old student named Siti Nurannisaa said:

“The assembly bells rang. I was at my desk feeling sleepy when I felt a hard, sharp tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see who it was and the room went dark. Fear overtook me. I felt a sharp, splitting pain in my back and my head started spinning. I fell to the floor. Before I knew it, I was looking into the ‘otherworld’. Scenes of blood, gore and violence. The scariest thing I saw was a face of pure evil. It was haunting me, I couldn’t escape. I opened my mouth and tried to scream but no sound came out. I passed out.”

After Siti’s outburst, a ripple effect seemed to happen as many other students in different classrooms all started screaming and moving around while inside their class. Echos could be heard down the hallways. One unnamed claimed to have seen a mysterious dark figure in the building.

It makes one wonder what exactly this thing might have been. Certainly, there have been numerous ghostly spirit sightings all across the world. Perhaps something there took control of these young women and caused them to begin freaking out. 

A reported 39 different students were affected by something at the Islamic religious institution. The hysteria was felt everywhere, as people began fainting and crying out from sheer panic type attacks. 

Even some of the teachers here were suffering from the same delusions and outbursts at the campus. After things calmed down a bit, the educational authorities sent in Islamic spiritual leaders among counselors to perform a series of exorcisms at the school and those affected by the outbreak.

(Source: BBC and Coast To Coast AM)

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