Possessed Naked Woman Breaks Into Families Home Claiming To Be The Devil

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Recently in Chesterfield County, Virginia. A naked woman with a blue ponytail, broke into one families home located on South Twilight Lane. It happened around 10:30 PM on July 4th.

The family described her having pitch black dark eyes. The father said she had the strength of four men and it took the entire family to bring her down. 

Eventually, 12-year-old son Logan lodged a wrench into the demonically possessed woman’s neck. During this bizarre encounter, inside the home was damaged and members of this family were injured during this unusual scuffle. 

Image: WRIC 8News

The Lewis family have since been distressed over this entire incident. “She was in to kill us,” Melissa Lewis said, “that was her almighty, to kill us. She attacked us and I held her down just kept on punching her and punching her as hard as I possibly could.”

“I said,” Who are you?” Lewis’ husband, who did not wish to go on camera, explained. “She said ‘I need your help, please help me.’ I said ‘get out of my house,’ and she goes ‘I’m the devil.”

“She looked possessed, her eyes were completely black, like saucers, and she was laughing like it was a joke,” Lewis’s husband told 8News.

Mr. Lewis verbally warned this woman before opening fire upon her. She charged at him with outrageous superhuman strength. The father of three, grabbed his pistol and emptied 39 rounds inside their home. When Mr. Lewis ran out of ammo, he began throwing furniture at her.  

Image: WRIC 8News

“I’m scared to go in there, I won’t even go into any room by myself, I’m terrified,” Mellisa Lewis said.

From what is understood, the unidentified intruder was arrested and taken to the hospital. The suspect may live in the area. She will be charged for breaking and entering, robbery and attempted murder. 

Image: WRIC 8News

This encounter ruined this families 4th of July and it was the families first night inside of their new home. While something like this could have been initiated from drug use, it is believed a more unexplained occurrence happened upon this dark night. 

(Source: Wavy)

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