The Iceland Worm Monster

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It is quite cold here yet very captivating, the country of Iceland is 103,000 kilometers in size with a population of around 325,671 people. Of those people, Hjortur Kjerulf spotted a serpent-like creature resembling something from mythology in the Jokulsa river of Fljotsdal valley. The lake itself is 25 miles long and 367 feet deep which is located in the eastern part of Iceland. This water serpent is reminiscent to that of the famous Loch Ness monster in Scotland.

Hjörtur Kjerúlf

Hjortur Kjerulf is a farmer by trade and captured on video something rather intriguing. This serpent beast seems to glide through the water. Is it just an old fishing net? Or, perhaps it is a strand of ice appearing to be something else entirely. Whatever it is, people are talking about it. The area has led to numerous reporters traveling to this location to get the real scoop on what is going on.

iceland monster

Much speculation exists to whether or not this in fact is real, the movement pattern of this serpent is rather robotic according to experts. There appears to be no movement in one section, as it sways back and forth through the water. By comparison, a snake would move much like the letter ‘s’ with a slithering movement. The serpent doesn’t appear to do this according to some people—making it appear very artificial. This alleged lake monster serpent may have been created using a robot with tarps, fishnets and/or trash bags.

Over time, this Icelandic lake monster has been a part of the folklore of since 1345. The serpent has been described being pale in appearance with a hump. It was estimated at being 50 feet long with whiskers on its head and a 6 foot neck.

Lagarfljótsormurinn is name for this legendary creature in the Icelandic language. The origin of the creature is credited to Jón Árnason and the collection of Icelandic folk tales first published back in 1862 and 1864. According to the legend, a small heather worm was put onto a golden ring. The reason for this was making the ring grow as well. When the owner returned the ring— it wasn’t any bigger but the worm grew to an enormous size. Afterward, the owner of the ring threw it into the Lagarfljot river. The creature continued to grow more and more.

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