Small creature wanders Turkish streets

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Small creature

Wandering the streets at night was a rather unusual creature standing a mere foot tall. Some speculation is that this is a balloon simply floating around.

Another guess is this could be a puppet on a string. However, it may be something else entirely. Some speculation is this is a penguin wobbling along the dark streets at night. (Which is rather strange as well)

The footage of this video was taken in Diyarbakir, Turkey boasting a population of around 1 million people. This video has been shared online a number of times. This oddity seems to levitate off the ground at one point in the video. The hand held camera work is slightly shaky and it appears they have zoomed in as far as possible. Originally, it was reported to be recorded on a CCTV but this camera footage looks more handheld.

Small creature floating

Speculation of what this actually is—has also led people to believe it is some sort of small alien visitor. If this actually was a penguin as some people are guessing, then it wouldn’t be able to fly or float into the air as seen in the video. Penguins do fly in some sense, but underwater ranging between 15-25 miles per hour. They more frequently spend their time in the water than on land.

This little object could be a plastic bag being blown by the wind. More than likely, this is just a balloon which lost its helium. Whatever it actually is, peoples curiosity has them talking. The video can be seen here.

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