Photograph Shows Unknown Tiny Humanoid Somewhere In North America

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They are either known as the Bagwajiwinini, Pukwudgie, Apa’iins or Pai’iins in North America. Like a chameleon, these smaller size creatures are able to blend into their surroundings, making them incredibly difficult to see. 

One photograph was taken by Crypto Four Corners International founder and researcher JC Johnson. They were out exploring near the Canadian border, investigating several cryptid encounters and other strange phenomena, first reported about by the local residents there.

Known as small wild men, they roam the forests during certain times. From what is understood these creatures are also cunning and dangerous to humans. They range between 2′-3′ in height. 

These crypt o critters are also known to have a green complexion that was likely adapted from their diet in the forest. Creatures such as these, would consume large amounts of plants which have chlorophyll in them. Could it be this is why they get their distinctive coloring and what gives them a camouflage ability? 

In locations such as Minnesota and Massachusetts in the USA these kinds of creatures have allegedly been reported about. Like other lesser known cryptozoological sightings, there isn’t much known about them. They have mastered the ability to roam the woodlands, without being detected and wander through the thick Bracken Fern canopies that reach heights of around 3 ft. 

Most would think that wandering away from something like this would be the wisest choice. However, many want proof of something like this and would stop at nothing to get it. So far, only a single photograph has been presented regarding this sighting. The creature seen was spotted by Judy Cline after she glanced closer.

small cryptid creature

Astonishingly, there does appear to be some kind of unknown creature there. It’s head seemingly peeks out through the brush below. 

There have been other sightings of comparable type creatures including a man named William Russo. He first mentioned something odd in his book entitled “The Creature From the Bridgewater Triangle”. 

Apparently, he was out walking his dog not far from his home at around midnight. This took place within the southern part of Hockomock Swamp, when a 3-4 foot creature came towards them about 10 feet away. 

(Source: Phantom And Monsters)

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