The Varginha UFO incident

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Perhaps this event is the biggest thing since the infamous Roswell incident. The event took place back on January 20th, 1996. An alleged sighting took place of an extraterrestrial creature during the afternoon. What was seen, was a rather odd looking creature that stood around 5 feet tall. This alien being had a large head and very thin shaped body. It’s feet were V-shaped and its skin was brown colored. The head was oval with large red eyes. All of this, was witnessed by several sisters and their friend in Varginha, Brazil.

Liliane and Valquíria Fátima Silva

These young women were between 14 to 21 years old. The sisters names are Liliane and Valquíria Fátima Silva. Their friend is Kátia Andrade Xavier. As these young women glanced over, they noticed this odd creature leaning towards a wall. It appeared that this thing was either injured or sick. It’s head seemed to wobble back and forth rather unsteadily.

Varginha alien wall

When the sisters returned home, they told their mother that they had seen the devil itself. Of course during this time, the mother simply dismissed it as nonsense—until she herself decided to check it out. When she arrived at the location where the girls supposedly witnessed this, she smelled a strong odor. The scent was comparable to that of ammonia. There was nothing around other than a dog which was sniffing the same area.

Varginha alien

This encounter quickly spread among the people. First, their family and friends got word of what happened. Soon enough, everyone in the city heard about this alien encounter. Several days had passed and the alien creature was found lying along the road. The military were first to reach the scene taking the alien body away from the public.

Not far from this location, both Oralina and Eurico de Freitas witnessed something in the sky. They are owners of a farm near the town. They mentioned seeing a saucer shaped UFO hovering over their cattle at the farm. Oralina first took notice of how her animals were reacting. They seemed agitated as this strange disk passed through the sky around the area. Both Oralina and Eurico de Freitas said that this saucer hovered for 40 minutes over their farm.

Varginha UFO shrine

The official statement given by authorities, was that these young women witnessed nothing but a homeless, mentally unstable man nicknamed “Mudinho” who was covered in mud. The military trucks were operating upon their normal schedule that evening.

The government denies anything ever being found in this particular location. Perhaps this was nothing more than a cover up. Years later, and still nothing has been presented since that day back in 1996. The Brazilian government officially still denies any claims of being involved in the capture of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities. (EBEs)

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