Ferocious skin-walker found in the wilderness

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There are different legends, that make mention about a type of changeling, also referred to in folklore, as a fairy child. These changelings, were believed to be left behind intentionally, as a human child was then taken by fairies in return. Changelings are found in different folk religions and in different passed down stories. They are believed to have the gift to transform themselves into something else entirely.

A story like this appeared online that seemed quite peculiar. Located in Hells Canyon, Idaho back in 2004, was an alleged encounter that took place. A man worked here as a firefighter, with the forestry service. This man, was an assistant supervisor, it had been a long day for both him and his crew that day. While riding on his ATV, he wiped his eyes from the sweat and dirt that soiled his face. He continued riding down a rugged logging road. This location, had not been cleared for quite some time.

Skin-walker in wilderness

As he continued traveling, he was surprised by what looked like a bobcat or lynx type of an animal. He brought his ATV to a standstill, as this wildcat looked at him, it stopped for a moment…then let loose a chilling scream, that he would soon not forget. Moments later, the bobcat ran off quickly. This bobcat, was not more than five feet away from the roadway. It then scampered up a tree. In this moment, he felt like something was off and didn’t seem quite right.

Traveling further down the road, he happens upon a small sized cabin. It seemed strange to him, because this land is reserved as federal land and no private settlements should have been constructed here. He wandered on foot over towards this cabin and noticed that all of the windows were boarded up, making it impossible to see inside.

Whoever did this, did a good job at keeping the place covered up, with all the woodwork and craftsmanship that went into it. He did notice, that the door had been punched out and then secured to a hole, that was drilled into the log frame. It was attached by a metal chain. It really seemed like someone didn’t want whatever was inside to get loose.

The man then squatted down and glanced through the hole he spotted. He felt uneasy, as he looked to see that the place was an absolute wreck. A moment of dred came over him suddenly. He then jumped back onto his ATV and drove down the road where he came from. After turning a sharp corner of the road he came to a complete stop.

There standing on the road, appeared to be a Native American woman. She was wearing a tattered nightgown and she was barefoot. She didn’t make a sound and just continued standing there for a moment. The man then yelled out at her, asking her if she needed help.

Bobcat in the the wilderness

His blood ran cold, as she let loose the same scream that the bobcat did earlier, along the same path. This Native woman, then lunges up towards the tree moving faster than anyone he had ever seen before. She didn’t appear to act or move like a normal human would have.

Now terrified, the man gets back onto his ATV and speeds away as fast as humanly possible. Unsettled and unsure of what he had witnessed, he later inquires about the remote log cabin. After asking around for a while, he then meets up with a local Native American man, who tells him about possibly what he had seen.

Known as the Yeahnáglóshii, these are believed to be dangerous witches, who have the unique ability to disguise themselves as different animals. The Navajos, refer to these as skin-walkers. He learned that they can possess and/or transform themselves into various different animals in nature.

Of course, all of this was difficult for him to believe in, but he seemed genuinely sincere when he told others about this incredible encounter. Other names and variations are used to describe basically the same type of humanoids.

One person mentioned in their culture, they often live alone, keeping themselves isolated from others. They are known to be quite clever as well. Towards the end of their life, they will find an orphan and then teach them their ways before they meet their demise.

The person who posted originally, mentioned that he completely believes the story about this. It was told to him several times by this man. They wanted to share this online, in hopes that someone else out there knows more about these extraordinary skin-walkers.

(Source: Reddit)

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