The Perplexing Angel Hair Phenomenon

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This rather mysterious substance known as angel hair or siliceous cotton, seems to disperse from UFOs flying in the sky. There has been no known proof officially, yet these tiny threads seem to rain down upon the Earth according to some people. For whatever different reason, specific territories are targeted more than most. These include parts of western Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia.

Due to the sensitivity of this subject, most if not anything about it is mere speculation at this point. However, it is believed that somewhere out there, actual samples of this alien residue does exist. The assumption is, once this substance reaches Earth and makes contact with our environment, it is contaminated by car exhaust fumes and other chemical type reactions.

Because of this, it makes collecting or containing the angel hair much more difficult. The most famous case regarding this, dates back to 1952 in Oloron, France. Both Gennaro Lucetti and Pietro Lastrucci stood on the balcony of a hotel in St. Mark’s Square in Venice. They described seeing two shining spindles flying across the sky. They seemed to leave behind a trail of angel hair.

alien angel hair phenomenon

Later, back on November 2, 1959 the angel hair substance was allegedly collected and then analyzed under a microscope by a local school director. After this, armed military forces along with technicians and other scientists examined this substance in association with the University of Lisbon. While no conclusions were reached, there was one small organism that had 10 different arms extending outward from its central core.

This unique single-celled organism was advanced enough to be classified. While all of this was happening the Air Force Base of Sintra, reported several UFOs flying through the sky. This couldn’t be a coincidence could it? Others that day also noted seeing something flying through the sky. Was this some kind of secretive military project or was this and otherworldly encounter?

The angel hair is small enough that it may vanish right before one’s very eyes. This worldwide phenomenon remains a fascination for many as they attempt to learn more about it. While there are different theories regarding this, here are some of the conclusions:

  • There might be Ionized air sleeting off the electromagnetic field that surrounds an actual UFO.
  • Possibly excess energy could be converted into some kind of matter.
  • The usage by UFOs of a G-field would cause heavy atoms in ordinary air to react among themselves and produce a kind of precipitate, that falls to the ground and disappears as the ionization decreases.

Perhaps someone out there on the inside knows more about this and is willing to share what they know. People desperately want answers regarding UFOs and alien life.

(Source: Unexplained Mysteries Of The World)

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