Shocking Reptilian Cave Encounters In Vietnam

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Allegedly, a man named Hồ Khanh went into the largest known cave in Vietnam. Inside of this cave, he witnessed what many know as a reptilian. These lizard-like humanoids, are believed to exist within our world. This encounter took place sometime between 1992-93. The name of the cave is Sơn Đoòng Cave, it is located near the Laos-Vietnam border. From what is known, there may even be photographic evidence of this reptilian as seen below.

cave reptilian

Tours for this cave were set up back in 2013, after this…visitors began to report unusual sightings of reptile-like humans wandering around inside the cave. While the details are sketchy, there was one person who was believed to have been abducted by a reptilian back in 2013. This person was never heard from again.

The local man who first found this mysterious reptile called it a “devil creature”. It’s face was described as resembling a ‘dragon’ or lizard. The body was much like a human by comparison. Later, a compilation of three separate emails were put together constructing what happened. This information was presented by a respected and now retired U.S. Army corporal. He served a distinguished military career.

This Army corporal explained it was the year 1970, he was deployed to South Vietnam. The region was roughly around 30 miles away from DMZ. He also said, that they set up a bivouac in a jungle area, that had a few steep hills.

Afterward, they occasionally caught glimpses of something rustling around in the trees. It lasted for around 15 minutes. It was nighttime but the moon was out lighting up the night sky. As they approached a wall on the hill, they noticed something or someone stacked large sized stones and boulders in the pass located in front of them.

There also was an opening on the hillside which resembled a cave entrance. Their estimation was, it was approximately 5 foot high and 3 foot wide narrowing at the top.

Upon further inspection, it appeared as if this passage was cut away by some kind of machinery. The edges of the opening were smooth, with small even-spaced grooves around it. The sergeant here, suggested it was likely a Viet Cong depot of some kind. They then assessed the situation on how they were going to investigate the cave.

From point on, things became quite strange. At first, they noticed a putrid kind of odor coming from the cave entrance. It was putrid, resembling that of rotten eggs and human decay. The smell was so bad, that a few of the soldiers started vomiting as they turned back towards the jungle. Even the sergeant himself, began feeling kind of ill. The corporal then began directing a light into the entrance trying to see further. The location was hazy, making it troublesome to see through. The squad had no idea what was before them.

They heard what sounded like rumbling sounds coming from off in the distance. The location was eerie silent. The sergeant was talking to himself, he was certainly frightened of what was in this cave. At first they thought it was a man, before it stood up from a crouched position reaching at least 7 feet tall.

Whatever these things were, they made hissing sounds much like a snake would only louder. They were described as being upright lizards. They had scaly, shiny dark skin (nearly black). Their snake-like faces were large and they had arms and legs shaped like a human only with scales. There were no noticeable tails of any kind. However, they did have long robes on that were green colored. These reptile people also had dark caps covering their heads.

Out of fear or stupidity, the squad began firing at these reptilian creatures. All the vegetation around them, began to fall from the spray of the bullets hitting everywhere. The squad then approached the cave carefully looking around to see if any of these reptilians were hit.

There were no traces of them. Likely they escaped back deeper into the cave. A decision was made to demolition down the entrance, to seal whatever was inside. Soon after, explosives were set and the cave was then closed.   

When they returned to camp, the squad seemed to be in a kind of daze. There was little more discussion about the encounter and they were never debriefed about it. It seems that the sergeant never filed an official reported regarding the incident. If he did, then it was quietly swept under the rug and soon forgotten about.

(Source: Mysterious Earth)

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