Stragglers Spectate Spaceship In South Carolina

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While driving from Florida to Charlotte, North Carolina, a couple noticed something quite unusual. They passed by York, South Carolina at night and noticed what appeared to be three different lights off in the distance. At first, they believed this to be nothing more than street lights blurred in a triangular form.

There were no poles attached to these lights, they seemed to just hover in the air. Where they were, the road was being worked on…so they thought nothing of this at first. This area was clearly under construction. Both of them, thought these lights were part of the zone maintenance around here.

After continuing for a while, maybe five minutes passed by. They didn’t decide to drive closer to these unusual lights but they kept their eyes on them for a while. Something like this, could easily distract anyone. The lady explained that she kept her eyes on these lights for a while, because they were so captivating.

Stragglers Spectate Spaceship In South Carolina

Not long after, a very fast light came off from the left side of the sky. This light seemed kind of smaller. It seemed to zoom around across the sky, in a 90° degree angle. Moments later, this light seemed to swoop down in front of them. The lights still remained in a series of three.

The farthest light, suddenly seemed to end after a while. This light source appeared to be around three times its original size. This strange source of light, seemed to dissolve and appeared smaller at first, before suddenly moving up towards the right part of the sky.

This is what they couple witnessed from their perspective. From their best guess, this was something else entirely. It wasn’t any kind of normal series of lights. Both of them believe that they witnessed some kind of spaceship of sorts.

Planes do not move like this, the way these lights moved were rather erratic. The woman explained, that she had never had seen anything move as fast as this in her entire life. Trying to rationalize something like this is pointless, because it doesn’t appear to be like anything people would commonly know about.

She went on to explain, that these lights faded after a while. The angles these lights made when they moved, were not what a plane would do. The only other thing this might have been, would be some kind of new technology.

It wasn’t a series of drones either. It was weird and is something the both of them will always remember. Perhaps the engaged couple, will have much more to talk about after they both marry. Who knows, they might even become UFO hunters.

(Source: Reddit)

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