UFO Recorded During International Space Station Mission

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For quite some time, there has been a suspicion that aliens have been visiting our planet for decades. A video believed to be authentic, seems to show a UFO by the International Space Station. Did the UFO dock here and possibly help something happening? Speculations have run wild about this video, since it was released back in 2014.

The video was published Jan 29, 2014 on a YouTube channel. The user is known as ‘Streetcap1’. Text was added in saying, “What is this please NASA?”. UFO researcher Scott Waring from UFO Sightings Daily said, “This was caught by Streetcap1 of Youtube and yes it’s 100% real. I have followed this guy and his research for two years and he has never tried to deceive anyone.”

UFO docks at International Space Station 2014

A live camera feed recorded the International Space Station (ISS) and “parked” next to the station appears to be a strange yellow elliptical type object. It appears to be by the hull of the station. Various claims about this include, NASA astronauts (among others) have been holding meetings in space. Quite possibly, these aliens species could dock and have meetings with the occupants within the Space Station.

While the idea is seemingly outrageous, it might not be. One former NASA employee, worked for 34 years with the agency and said there were numerous NASA missions that took place. Clark C. McClelland, said he worked as a Spacecraft Operator. He went on to say, there was a similar type meeting when a Space Shuttle mission took place. His security clearance was later revoked by NASA back in 1992.

The following statements were made by McClelland, “I, Clark C. McClelland, former ScO [Spacecraft Operator], Space Shuttle Fleet, personally observed an 8 to 9 foot tall ET on his 27 inch video monitors while on duty in the Kennedy Space Center, Launch Control Center (LCC).”

“The ET was standing upright in the Space Shuttle Payload Bay having a discussion with TWO tethered US NASA Astronauts! I also observed on my monitor, the spacecraft of the ET as it was in a stabilized, safe orbit to the rear of the Space Shuttle main engine pods. I observed this incident for about one minute and seven seconds. Plenty of time to memorize all that I was observing. IT WAS AN ET and Alien Star Ship!”

McClelland also explained, he was not the only NASA official who witnessed this incident:

“A friend of mine later contacted me and said that this person had also observed an 8 to 9 foot tall ET INSIDE the SPACE SHUTTLE CREW COMPARTMENT! Yes, inside OUR Shuttle! BOTH missions were DoD (Pentagon) TOP SECRET (TS) encounters!”

McClelland’s testimony is significant due to his credentials gained over a 34 year career working for NASA contractors, and eventually NASA itself as a SpaceCraft Operator, before being forced to retire in 1992 due to his UFO beliefs.

His website has a number of documents he has released to the public, confirming some among the long list of achievements and testimonials arising from his long NASA career. His claims of directly having witnessed events involving extraterrestrial life and technology, while he was at NASA.

His first hand witness testimony, would be admissible in a court of law or Congressional Inquiry.

McClelland’s testimony, supports claims that NASA space missions have directly interacted with extraterrestrial vehicles and resulted in meetings between astronauts and aliens.

Many unanswered questions remain about this. Have governments been working with extraterrestrials since this time? Perhaps so and possibly before this.

(Source: Exo News)

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