The power of Astral Projection

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astral projection at night

This process is something which has been debated about for years, some people believe in it—while others dismiss the idea entirely. It is known as Astral Projection, the process involves our ethereal body ascending while our spirit and mind begins to separate from our physical body.

Once this process has happened; a person will begin to function at a much higher frequency compared to our natural surroundings. The spirit begins traveling on the astral plane. Afterward our spiritual being becomes akin to the Akasha. The Akasha is believed to be an ethereal field which entails records of past events in our lives which have been imprinted into our memories.

The dream world is where both our fantasies and nightmares happen, sometimes they are pleasant while at other times disturbing. The astral plane is a wondrous place to travel through, there are a number of travelers even from other worlds which can share time and space with us. (Perhaps some of these encounters are what some refer to as alien abductions)

These different entities make up different sustained life from other worlds foreign to Earth. Astral projection is believed to be the conscious mind trying to impose a ‘body’ on a traveler. He or she has no actual body, but may be able to change their form simply by thinking about it with their mind.

While on this plane of existence, the person is said to appear as a physical projection. In order to travel such as this, a person must exist by operating at the same higher frequency than before. It is said that the astral plane is believed to be liable to change simply by the power of thought. Many people have tried to master this process and have failed. Only a selected number of individuals have attained a planer existence from their projections.

There are claims of people being able to astral project at will and exist at a higher level entirely. After all, the claim is humans only use 10% of their brain. If this is true, maybe with astral projection people are tapping into something else entirely.

In order to verify the experience and to ensure that the experience is not a dream, many persons engaging in this activity tend to project ethereally first. This is so that they can confirm they have really left their physical body and are not simply imagining the experience.

Advanced lucid dreamers do exist being able to maintain consciousness while asleep inside of a dreamworld. They hope to leave with a peaceful mind. Those who practice yoga for example can attain ascendancy through deep meditations.

In native tribes, what is known as a spirit guide can take someone on an astral adventure to help guide them on their path. Some have even claimed to have met their spirit guide while astral projecting. The process of astral projection is something not to be taken lightly, it can even be dangerous for some people.

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