Howling Forest Sounds Thought To Be From Bigfoot

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Not long ago, a video was uploaded claiming that the sounds heard belong to none other than Bigfoot. This took place in a remote location about 30 miles away from Sioux Lookout in Ontario.

The Canadians had no idea at first what this could be. To them, this recording is evidence of the fabled footed beast. Other agree it is eerie to say the least. 

These screaming howls of terror seem to be coming from the nearby forest where they were. A man named Stargell Blackstar was grouse hunting along with both his wife and grandson. The area where they were was quite remote and nobody else seemed to be around other than them. At least, anything human anyway. 

A video was posted by the Disclose Screen YouTube channel. They are dedicated to finding UFO sightings and the most bizarre videos from across the globe.

The sounds heard seemingly last for around five minutes time. From what is understood, they were only able to capture 2 minutes worth of these recordings. 

Bigfoot howls in forest

While the video is played back, Stargell can be heard saying, “oh my God” as the sounds continue to come forth from the forest before them. His grandson at one point can be heard crying from fear and confusion. Were these sounds really from Bigfoot? One can one ponder.

If so, then it is incredible and more evidence than the many footprints allegedly found. Bigfoot is a worldwide known creature associated with the paranormal. 

Many do not understand where Bigfoot originates from. Speculations even have mentioned that Bigfoot might well be some kind of extraterrestrial species.

Another speculation is, Bigfoot is a guardian of sorts, protecting the forests from mankind. On the other foot, the creature might be a guardian sent here to help protect us. 

The tall furry beast is likely quite strong, it has high sensory such as smell and taste and it probably can see quite well in the dark. This gives Bigfoot the advantage out in the wilderness.

Those who have heard these sounds have been left scratching their heads. It might be another animal such as moose or another prosaic animal other than Bigfoot.

However, it is foolish to quickly dismiss findings such as these, they could be actual evidence of something else out there waiting and wandering in nature. 

(Source: Coast To Coast AM)

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