Castle Dudley and the Grey Lady

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Dudley Castle

This location is known as one of the most haunted spots in all of England. Built in 1071, Dudley Castle is believed by many to be haunted. This is where the infamous “Grey Lady” has been seen.

Recently, a photograph was taken which may be the ghost actually captured on camera. England is ghost rich, with more than 10,000 locations reported as being spooky with specters.

West Midland’s Dudley Castle is a hotspot for paranormal activity. It is however more rare to actually have seen a ghost—than learning about a sighting which happened. The photo taken by a couple from Birmingham seems to capture the ghostly image of the Grey Lady.

Grey Lady

This ghost is known to have been haunting this area for centuries. The photograph was taken on August the 30th of this year. This couple noticed a strange glow coming from one window, it peaked their interest and what they discovered later looking back at their photos, they couldn’t believe.

Amy Harper

It was Dean and Amy Harper who captured this amazing photograph. Amy saw the red glow at first coming from the upper rooms then Dean, when they zoomed in with the camera, they noticed the ghost appeared to be a younger girl.

Birmingham family who caught Dudley's Grey Lady on camera

Neither of them are ghost hunters, but they are determined to find out who this ghost is. The Grey Lady is believed to be the spirit of Dorothy Beaumont who died in this castle many years ago; with her baby not long after childbirth.

Dorothy requested to be buried next to her daughter, and for her husband to attend the funeral service. Neither of these things happened, and it seems her soul was stirred restless. This is the reason she still wanders the castle grounds. The location of the photo taken by Amy’s mobile phone was at 3:10 pm at the archway down below.

The head of media and communications, Jill Hitchman said: “There have been many stories about ghostly figures and happenings associated with the castle, mostly centered within the courtyard itself.”

Grey Lady Ghost in archway

The image is quite incredible really as it was taken from atop of the castle on a mobile phone and it still  displays details of the outline of a female figure in the doorway area.

Eventually the castle was surrendered in May of 1646. Parliament ordered that it would be partly demolished. The remaining parts of the castle were destroyed by fire during 1750. In the nineteenth century, it was used as a “Romantic Ruin”. Afterward parts of the site were redone. Later the Dudley Zoo was established and the castle grounds were turned into a zoo.

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