Glowing Bright Figure Found In The Forest

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It happened in British Columbia, Canada back during December of 2010. This area is known as Abbotsford. Perhaps one of the most hauntingly strangest things to do, is to explore the woods late at night. This is what two friends decided they would do.

Looking back, this was both adventurous and dumb. You never know what might be out lurking in the shadows. At around 1:00 AM in the morning, the two friends wandered towards a cliff. This area essentially is a pathway, that leads down towards the rest of the forest below.

After reaching this place, the two of them witnessed what resembled to be an illuminated figure. It seemed to be glowing, with a bright white like appearance. Was this some kind of angel? Maybe it was something else altogether.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t human. This thing appeared between several trees. Both of them stood there from fear and curiosity. Admittedly, this guy explained there was a sense of dread inside of his chest. He felt as though he was helpless and elected to get out of there quickly along with his friend. They began running.

Their best estimation was, this glowing bright figure was between 6 to 7 feet tall. It’s solid body seemed to be a pure white color. This thing was about 30 to 40 feet away from them. The size is just an estimate, because they were a ways away from it. On this night, there was no full moon and it wasn’t a bright night without any stars in the sky. As they recalled, their best feeling is…this thing was not a living creature or human. Certainly, your mind can play tricks sometimes but this wasn’t the case with this experience.

In this area, are many pine trees and there are no homes nearby that would give off any kind of light or reflection of some kind. The entity had no physical features at all, except for very long arms. They commented saying it had arms much like an ape has. It didn’t seem like they believed this was a Bigfoot though. It was something else entirely.

This mysterious bright figure gave off some illumination but not to the point of being a bright light. The light seen, was more like a condensed figure of white smoke. It did light up enough to make out some detail in the darkness of the night forest.

During the brief moments they observed this thing, it appear to pace back and forth like it was either watching or doing something else entirely. All of this was rather weird. Maybe this was some kind of warning for them to stay away. Their friend left quickly without much hesitation. After all, who would stick around with something like on the prowl? It is now 9 years later, and the experience still scares them as they think back about it.

If these two friends had gone out any later during the night, then they wouldn’t have seen this figure. It seems that they were supposed to witness this manifestation for whatever different reason.

Unsure about the history of Matsqui Island, there might be some kind of connection to everything here. Quite possibly, a Leyline underneath this location connecting to Matsqui. If Native American Burial grounds were here, then maybe a leyline connection is linking both places.

This also might explain why there is any paranormal activity around here. The guy also said, that both a river and smaller streams are nearby here in the forest. Possibly, this could be acting as a conductor for paranormal type activity. This mystery of this still remains unsolved. Maybe someone else out there knows more about it.

(Source: My Haunted Life Too)

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