The infamous UFO cow abduction video

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This old video, appears to show a cow being taken by some sort of illuminated UFO, hovering in the sky. From what is known about this, it dates back to 1983. It has been simply labelled UFO cow abduction or other variations thereof. The video is bizarre and most people who have watched it, simply believe it is fake for different reasons.

UFO cow abduction video

Two oddities exist about the video which really stand out. First of all, why don’t the other cows seem to pay no attention to the cow being lifted up into the air? They were either that hungry and distracted or the video was digitally manipulated in such a way. It almost seems like a projector type effect, was used to mask the quality of the video manipulation itself.

As the cows keep grazing, one would think that a cow like this would have to be subdued or sedated to further prevent it from panicking. A farmer mentioned, that this cow, like many others over time…have had their adrenal response bred away from them. This is to keep the herd of cows from becoming freaked out when one of them is taken away from the herd.

UFO cow abduction video heat map

Keep in mind, this video is older and what we have available now…compared to then, is quite a difference. Another reason is…why would someone be filming this out in the middle of nowhere? Perhaps they are found of livestock and the scenery of the location?

There have been numerous abductions documented involving livestock such as this. It is believed that nonhuman entities, are responsible and assumed to experiment on these animals for whatever different reasons.

These complex physical and psychological experiments, must be for a specific reason. Extraterrestrials are believed to have visited Earth for many years. Perhaps only now, are we on the verge of some kind of public interaction with them. It is believed, that they have privately been contacted by governments around the world. When people have been contacted, they are now considered to be abductees or experiencers.

UFO cow abduction video heat map sky

This video is simple, yet fascinating to watch even though it is rather old. A heat map overlay rendering attempts to show that this is the real deal. A cow would give off a heat signature from its body. The rendering shows this even as the cow is lifted high into the sky by the UFO in the video. People have been debating about this video ever since 1983.

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