The paranormal history of Jackson Square Apartments

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Several years ago in Amarillo, Texas a historic building once stood. It was believed to be ridden with both demonic and ghostly entities. Back on September 28th, 2015 the building was demolished down, after becoming an eye sore to the community there. The majority of people were quite happy to see the building finally be torn down for different reasons.

Amarillo Texas haunted building demolition

This building was created back in 1926. It’s original name was known as the Palo Duro Apartments. Numerous photographs laced the walls of these halls over the years, often displaying some of the faces who called this place home.

The residents who lived here initially, lived here rather peacefully at first. As the years past, time wasn’t kind to these apartments, as it continued to become run down over time.

Amarillo Texas haunted apartment building

For whatever reason, this location seemed to be a beacon for disturbed souls and demonic forces which soon settled in. The buildings dark historical fate, would soon be sealed. One of the very first incidents happened thereafter.

A man known as Banquo “Ace” Dewond Logan died here, after visiting his friend living in the building. Logan was here helping his friend move out of his apartment. Logan’s ex-girlfriend wasn’t happy about the baby both her and Logan were expecting. Out of rage after a heated argument, she proceeded to stab Logan in the neck and chest, until he died near his friends apartment.

On the second floor of the building, a shadowy apparition was claimed to roam and haunt this area. This ghostly presence apparently would guide people towards blood stains—where Logan died after being stabbed to death. On the 3rd floor, a pregnant woman was seen leaping out of the window. As someone would try and catch her, before she hit the ground…she would seemingly disappear before their very eyes.

The top floors of the building were just as haunted as the rest, residents reportedly ran away in terror—after discovering a ghostly man, who committed suicide after hanging himself in one of the rooms. One lady fainted from fear, after she opened the door seeing a ghostly gunman ready to shoot her. This ghost spoke to her also stating that he would kill her like the others who stayed here before.

Perhaps one of the most noteworthy of all the paranormal incidents which happened here, is when a young girl was outside the building playing alone. This little girl said she heard someone say “Hello” behind her.

Floating ghostly girl at Jackson Square apartments

She turned only to freeze in place for what seemed like ages. To her shocking surprise, a girl around her same age, was seen levitating in the air. Her legs had been cut off and she had a white bloody dress on. This ghostly looking girl, gleamed with an eerie smile—as she fainted after the ghostly girl passed right by her. The little girl seemed to communicated telepathically with the ghost. Before the ghost left her alone, the little girl fainted from fright.

Other reported encounters at this apartment building also include demonic incidents. During the 1980’s, a woman claimed to have seen her father being taken away by “two dark figures appearing to resemble vampires”.

Later, her family moved out of apartment building to later be met by another demon. Before her and her family left, they explored the 3rd and 4th floors. She claimed to have seen a demonic looking face that had sharp teeth and the body of a man physically in shape. It’s body was both black and gray colored and it smiled at her before running away. While Jackson Square Apartments no longer exist, people walking by have felt invisible hands brush up against them. Reports of demonic entities, have been mentioned sneering at people around dark corners.

Often it is difficult to understand why such things linger behind. People can only assume that ghosts, demons and other strange entities linger for specific reasons, which we don’t entirely understand yet. Don’t think that you’re safe, just because the building is gone, who knows what else might be lurking which can’t be seen…until its too late.

(Source: Backpackerverse)

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