Three Year Old Little Girl Wakes Up At Her Own Funeral

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It was quite the spectacle, when a three year old little girl suddenly woke up at her own funeral. This happened back in the Philippines years ago.

From what is understood, the young girl suffered a severe fever and was taken to the hospital. According to Senior Police Inspector Heidil Teelan, the little girl didn’t have a pulse anymore and was pronounced dead at around 9:00 AM.

Heidil Teelan also commented by saying, “We really cannot make confirmation on the status of the girl, but based on the observation of the police personnel was initiated. The girl remained in a state of comatose inside her house.”

Young Filipino Girl Wakes Up at Her Own Funeral

While the funeral was in session, one funeral attendee removed the cover of the young girls coffin and her head then moved. People were shocked as one can imagine. She woke up a day later.

While at the funeral service, the girls parents immediately gave the girl water. Not long after, she was then taken to the local clinic for a checkup. Unfortunately, the little girl ended up dying at the hospital, after the services of her funeral were held in Bayabas. The girls father immediately grabbed his daughter from the coffin and gave her a cuddle.

Dr Mary Silyne Asor-Cabahug (the Municipal Health Officer of Aurora) was the one who examined the girl. She used a cardiac monitor to assess the condition of the girl. After confirmation, the child was pronounced dead at the scene. Things like this happen from time to time. It is rather unusual when it does happen.

The girl was from Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur. This area is located in the southern part of the Philippines. From what is understood, the family sought treatment at a better-equipped hospital.

Dr Cabahug advised the child’s parents to bury her as soon as possible to prevent diseases.

Later, footage of the shocking moment was captured by a mourner’s camera phone and it was uploaded onto the internet. The video has been seen over 15 million times. It is a sad story. You never know what might happen in life sometimes. Be thankful for what you do have.

(Source: Daily Mail UK)

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