Time traveler in Wyoming, warns of upcoming alien invasion after being arrested

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In the town of Casper, Wyoming, a man named Bryant Johnson was arrested, after police were first contacted. The incident took place outside of a residence, where Johnson was seen staggering in the streets. Johnson insists he is from the year 2048 and came here to warn about an impending alien invasion, due to happen next year in 2018. Johnson said numerous times, that he was from the future and was here to help people.

After being questioned, Johnson said he traveled back in time. Essentially, the aliens filled his body with alcohol, making his story seem unbelievable to the people of this timeline. Demanding to speak with the president (mayor) of Casper, he wanted to further explain his story. Out of all the places according to him, this location will be the first to encounter alien life.

Bryant Johnson alien invasion arrest

It is unclear, whether or not people will be infected somehow or if an alien species will begin to infiltrate the world from this initial location. This location, must have some kind of significance to it for being targeted first.

When police officers arrived on the scene, Bryant Johnson wreaked heavily of alcoholic drinks and his bloodshot eyes also appeared very watery. His speech was also slightly slurred as well. Johnson apparently had a blood alcohol level of .136 according to an early breathalyzer sample. This reading is well above the legal driving limit of .08.

After the initial incident, Johnson was then detained and first, then taken to an emergency room. Sources say, that he was behaving belligerently and after a while, he caused quite a disturbance. From this, he was then given a breathalyzer test. While he was arrested for public intoxication, some think there may be some truth to his statements. Is Johnson really here to help save humanity from some kind of aliens?

Bryant Johnson arrest Wyoming

Time travel has been a curiosity for many people and while the local officials of Casper, Wyoming were amused at what Johnson said, they don’t believe he is from the future. He just appears to be another drunken fool spouting off at the mouth. Johnson went on to say, that he has met with aliens in the future and they do have vastly superior technology—more than what people have on modern day Earth.

Perhaps time travel is far more of a common thing by the year 2048. Who knows what other devices will be used to aid people in what they do each and every day. Whether or not Johnson is telling the truth is questionable, but none the less…his simple statements make one wonder about the not so distant future.

(Source: Fox 8, Inverse and Disclose.TV)

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