Discarded Sex Doll Mistaken For Dead Body

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Located in Hamilton County, Ohio was quite the spectacle. At first, those passing by along with the authorities, noticed what appeared to be a nude woman lying alongside the road. Later, it was discovered that this was no person, but a sex doll of some kind. With a population of around 802,374 people, Hamilton County is the third-most populated county in Ohio.

Colerain Police Department Sex doll found

This “body” was discovered on Thursday afternoon, after Hamilton County engineers called the Colerain Police Department. Police stated that the mysterious looking figure, was wrapped inside a garbage bag and was later abandoned alongside a hill, near the Richardson Forest

To give people an idea of where Colerain Township is located, it is about 20 miles north from Cincinnati. When interviewed, Colerain Police Chief Mark Denney stated that the doll looked lifelike from a distance. The doll was life-sized and is a female sex doll. It was partly wrapped with a dark plastic trash bag, this made it look quite bizarre from the distance.

Discarded sex doll Colerain Ohio

Shockingly, the body was only found out to be a dummy, after the coroner arrived on the scene. This seemed to stir up those who learned about the discarded doll. The mannequin type doll, was later given the nickname “Mandi”.

A cross was erected with the words “RIP MANDI 9-27-2018”. Flowers, candles, a balloon and even a stuffed-animal Elmo were placed by the cross. A sign was also placed that says “Mandi, you were taken too soon.

City of Cincy Facebook Sex Doll Colerain Ohio

We will remember you fondly. RIP.” Lick Road is where this shrine sits. All those who pass by the doll area, certainly gave their opinions over it. Some comments are comical, while others are more disturbing. It seems that “Mandi” has made her way into the hearts of the community here. A doll such as this is also classified as a “recreational mannequin”.

Things such as this are quite strange and seem to happen more often than not. There are those who have a doll fetch like this. It is unknown why the doll was discarded like it was, perhaps whoever owned it before was tired of “Mandi”. It is unknown if fingerprints were lifted from the sex doll, to possibly identify who it belonged to. This may have been setup as some kind of joke, for attention as well.

The photos of the memorial were first posted on the City of Cincy Facebook parody page. However, now the comments are mostly people tagging friends to pay respects to their “girlfriend.”

(Source: CleverScene, WGN9, Local 12)

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