The Hopkinsville Case

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Kentucky Standoff

They stand a mere three feet tall, their skin is usually green in appearance. They have been a menace to society for those who have crossed paths with them. The origination of these creatures known as goblins comes from the 14th century. They are greedy and love gold. These little goblins have a rather mischievous temperament.

By comparison of stature, they are much like brownies or gnomes only they are driven by their lust for riches and control. Being depicted as rather small creatures and sometimes only several inches in height, they are also said to possess different magical abilities as well. Perhaps even some sort of cloaking ability so that they may stealth their way around not being so easily seen.


With their presence, they have inspired modern cinema depicting them in different ways. Some believe goblins are actually alien beings who have come to Earth either to warn us of something or have been here scouting and plotting some sort of take over. Take for example, The Hopkinsville Case this happened during the fall of 1955. As the reports go, it happened in a remote farmhouse owned by the Sutton family. The location is between the hamlet of Kelly and the small city of Hopkinsville, both in Christian County, Kentucky, United States.

What happened during this night were reports of strange unidentifiable creatures by eye eyewitnesses including several policemen—who claim they watched lights coming from the sky and strange sounds being heard from around this area.

People there claimed they actually had seen three feet tall creatures, with upright pointed ears and thin limbs. They appeared to also have long arms with claw-like hands. A report of them being silver colored or perhaps even wearing metal type clothing was also mentioned. Their movements seemed to defy gravity as they appeared to hover off the ground and appear high above—such as on top of a building rather quickly.

When these goblins walked, they actually seemed to sway back and forth similar to a biped wading through water. The children who were living at the house during this time were scared and confused as these creatures seemed to appear outside windows and doorways. After such a horrific night the families living here quickly fled to the nearest police station. A Sheriff Russell Greenwell documented that they were visibly shaken.

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When they returned with the Sheriff and twenty police officers, these goblins still continued to wreak havoc at the farmhouse. The lights in the sky continued happening and the officers were ordered to fire upon these goblin creatures. The bullets seemed to do nothing else but damage the area. Today this event still has caused much controversy as no official evidence was presented. A Dr. Josef Allen Hynek was on the scene later who was an astronomer, professor, and ufologist. The family waited until sunrise for these goblins to finally leave.

Dr. Josef Allen Hynek



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