UFO experts are mysteriously disappearing

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Wild theories have been happening lately, regarding the disappearances of paranormal investigators. Those who dare tread to close to the truth, may well be in harms way. Since 1947, a number of conspiracy theorists have simply vanished. Speculation is, they got too close to some really important information. Ultimately, it is the perfect conspiracy theory itself. Many believe, that the governments are in reality killing off people, who get too close to all things UFO related.

There are things which are suspicious. For example, how some people died or were never heard from again. These supposed “accidents” or “suicides” only further fuel curiosity about what happened to these people. Researchers from MUFON (Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network) have an alleged catalog of people who died.

On this list, are dozens of different names included. In total, 137 people have suspiciously died or have gone missing over time. Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual stated that The idea that UFO researchers are being murdered, implies there is some form of conspiracy and organization behind them.

Image: Max Spiers from HPANWO Voice

Image: Max Spiers from HPANWO Voice

In more recent years, people such as paranormal investigator Max Spiers, claimed to have survived a secretive government program, having to do with super soldiers. He later, would be found dead on July 16, 2016, in Warsaw, Poland. Many conspiracy theorists believe, that he got too close to something and was permanently silenced.

With so much to wonder about, perhaps one of the biggest cover ups revolved around the death of JFK and how he was assassinated in America. President John F. Kennedy, was believed to have been killed, preventing him from revealing the truth about extraterrestrial life on Earth, and all the UFO activity happening.

One YouTube creator, by the name Tyler not long ago, was in an accident with his motorcycle. Some question whether or not this was a warning to him. However, he stated it was his own fault and an accident. Does he truly know for sure? Tyler has become a crusader trying to expose the truth of things. He said that numerous times, he has experienced death threats and strange phone calls during different hours. His YouTube channel SecureTeam focuses on UFOs and other paranormal type activity.

Many who continue to research and find explicit information (regarding UFOs and alien life) among other things…have set themselves up for trouble. Nobody knows for sure who is behind all of these killings, but they are believed to be a part of something even bigger, more than anyone could ever guess!

Men in Black

Men in Black

Threats come in many different forms, some of them involve complicating ones life, making things rather difficult for them. This could involve someones finances or other things. All of this, does make one wonder what is happening—behind all of those closed doors and underground bunkers. Perhaps the Men in Black are covering things up.

This was also said: “All of us who have grown into prominent positions in this research, the danger from the government or those who want to keep you silent grows monumentally..”

(Source: Metro)

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