Eerie sounds heard from 150 year old abandoned mine

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Drive to Waldeck Mine

Most people wouldn’t dare wander into an abandoned mine shaft in the middle of a dark rainy night. But this is exactly what one man does, meanwhile sharing his experiences on YouTube. While wandering through this abandoned mine, he often stops giving his commentary about various parts of it.

Outside the Waldeck Mine enterance

There are a few interesting footnotes, as he continues exploring what is known as the Waldeck Mine. Some parts are quite dangerous, as at any time the supports could break. The odds of this are statistically quite low—but there always is a small chance or a stumbling accident that could set things off. While this is a danger to anyone trying this, his exploration suddenly stops—as he makes his way back outside the cave.

It is at this moment, he begins to hear sounds like voices coming through the main tunnel of the mine. They don’t seem to be made from an animal. However, there were a few bats, which were seen in the video.

Inside the Waldeck Mine

This abandoned mine is estimated to be well over 150 years old. The passage is rather treacherous inside this mine, especially on the upper tier levels. A fair share of dangerous timbering, is found in this mine shafts furthest reaches.

The atmosphere of something like this, is comparable to a horror movie. It becomes quite creepy after a while and those who are claustrophobic should undoubtedly not watch this video. This guy isn’t a ghost hunter, but he often explores places that are remote and may include something paranormal by nature.

His collection of evidence further fuels his desire to keep exploring. Perhaps he has a passion for treasure hunting as well. There are a number of whispers that can be heard in this video. The man then uses his ThruNite TN12 handheld flashlight, to see with varying amounts of light. This starts when the video reaches around the 12:10 minute mark.

The speculation is, it may have been something like a ghost but the voices are difficult to hear. The man makes mention, that his video is all in one long sequence and not edited in any way. This isn’t any kind of hoax and he said it wasn’t just the wind howling through the tunnels of the Waldeck Mine.

Like many things, it is unknown whether or not this sound could be from some sort of ghostly spirit or perhaps something more demonic by nature. Whatever it is, we can only wonder if he will return this mine to gather more evidence of something.

His channel Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places can be watched on YouTube.

(Source: Ghost Theory)

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