Ghost behind the looking glass

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Ghost behind the window glass

This photograph appears to show a ghost lingering behind a window outside. The person who first posted this, believes that their fiancée is either gifted or cursed from their medium ability. They claim that she can see ghostly spirits and can somehow communicate to them.

The photo was taken with an iPhone 4 back in 2012. From what is known, this photo was also taken 3 years to the day, when her father had died. Of course the question remains, whether or not this is the girls father trying to communicate with her, from beyond the grave.

Life is short and every moment counts, people need to make the most of things—as life certainly has its shares of ups and downs. Maybe her father was trying to convey some kind of message to her. Perhaps a warning of something bad or good is on its way into her life.

Ghost in the window

While the photo is quite interesting, it seems that it could be an illusion with shadows hitting the foliage outside. Perhaps there is a large bush or hedge creating a silhouette effect against the glass. It is of course possible. Photos such as these are difficult to determine anything, as it is really in the eyes of the beholder.

If this lady is truly a psychic of sorts, she could be one of the rare folks who are able to tap into the other side. It is a remarkable ability to have and some people develop it over time. Many ghost hunters never get a chance to actually see anything, most of the time their minds are simply playing tricks upon them. However, some evidence in some incidents point to things being more believable.

The is by far, one of the most creepy looking ghost photos that has ever been seen. There is something rather ominous about it as well. Looking a bit closer at it, the light on the window sill—looks to have trees behind it. It seems that these trees are blocking the light.

The man who posted the photo originally, supposedly had this photo examined by an expert. The view of the photo, is from looking out of the kitchen window. There is a pool deck outside from here, it means that this ghostly figure would be hovering 7 feet off the ground by best estimation.

His fiancée is a fairly short woman standing at 5’2″. She however was able to capture this supernatural moment during daylight hours. It is unknown exactly what time of day it was or what time of year. Also, the location wasn’t revealed either. It however proves to remain an interesting paranormal photograph.

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