Creepy ghost face peers out from new car

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Ghost face peers back at car owner across street

Imagine your out on the town shopping, getting something to eat and just finished hanging out with friends. When you return to your car, you see something spooky starring back at you. Whatever this was, it didn’t appear to be fully human.

The speculation is, this spectre wanted to be a part of this nights events. When the owner of the car returned after taking this photograph recently in March of 2017. To his surprise, some sort of manifested spirit was awaiting him. Was this a long lost relative or a friend simply trying to communicate to him from beyond the grave?

Spectre stares back at car owner

From what is known, the car is brand new and as an added bonus, a ghost came with this purchase. The man apparently had dinner across the street and initially just wanted to snap a photo of his new car. Of course, he was freaked out after seeing this eerie face glancing back at him. Some think this is nothing but a mere reflection, from the lighting bouncing off glass on the street and back onto the window of his car.

Ghostly face peers back at car owner

The peculiar image, was recently shared by user ‘XSAS_Daughter’, on the Unexplained Mysteries forum. The face seen, definitely looks like someone peering out from the car’s front passenger window.

Ghost face peers back at car owner

There are several theories about this, which include it being a homeless person who got into the car or something playing a prank dressed up in costume. Either of these are interesting, but someone made note of the dimensions of the head. They are rather disproportionate for a human, unless they were born with some sort of birth defect.

This is what user XSAS_Daughter said on the forum:

“My friend was recently looking back through his camera roll and found this photo that he took of his and his friend’s car,” she wrote. “He was sat in the restaurant across the road and was taking a photograph of his car because it was new and he’s a typical boy that loves his car.”

“He realized there appeared to be a person in the car, which was completely empty at the time.”

“I said it looked like somebody was leaning on his car and he said there definitely wasn’t anybody because he would have kicked off haha!”

“Anyway, just thought I’d share because even if it is nothing, it looked pretty creepy to us!”

(The location of where this occurred is unknown but believed to be somewhere in the UK)

(Source: Unexplained Mysteries, Paranormal Forum and Paranormal Globe)

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