Man accused of necrophilia in Georgia

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A very disturbing thought, however people are actually doing this. It isn’t anything new, yet morally wrong on so many different levels. They are known as necrophiliacs, these people have an intense sexual feeling towards a deceased person. There have been both male and female cases involving this. The American Psychiatric Association mentions this strange attraction is known as paraphilia and is classified and indexed by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) for short.

Previously, a number of cases have involved necrophiliacs who also happened to be serial killers. Several of them include Dennis Nilsen and Ted Bendy among others. These people have such sinister intentions—that they will forever answer in the afterlife for their evil actions in the world.

In more recent times, a man was arrested for vandalizing a grave. What happened was quite disturbing as 26 year old Domonique Smith from Georgia went to a graveyard, dug up a woman’s corpse and had sex with it. This happened after he stole a bicycle from the Hill Watson Peoples home. This was the first thing to happen before more was discovered involving him in the necrophiliac crime.

Georgia police mentioned that he did in fact have sexual relations with the corpse. Surveillance cameras recorded him scouring around the cemetery during the weekend before committing the crime. A Captain Gordon Griswould explained that this particular case is quite rare and that he has only seen something like this once before in his career.

“The results of our investigation and the forensic examination gave us probable cause to believe that this individual had indeed sexually assaulted a dead body,” said Columbus Police Maj. Gil Slouchick”

Domonique Smith is a homeless man, who has fallen about as far as life can take him. He was tracked down inside an abandoned building along with the stolen bicycle, stolen televisions, and firearms.

Currently, Domonique Smith is being held at a Georgia prison on a $20,000 dollar bond for his crimes. If convicted on the necrophilia charge he will spend the next 1-10 years of his life in prison. After his arrest, he pleaded guilty to burglary, entering an unoccupied dwelling and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.


More charges include theft by receiving stolen property. The statistics for someone yearning to do such a thing is higher than the general public is let on to believe. Here are the overall motivations by each breakdown:

68% of these people are motivated by the desire of rejection from their partner
21% of these people are driven by reunion with their lost partner in life
15% are people who are attracted to dead people (a fetish)
15% have the desire for a sense of comfort to overcome emotions and feelings of isolation
12% try to overcome a sense of low self-esteem from expressing their power over a corpse

Clearly, these people need help yet never receive it before committing such a crime.

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