Woman Sets Fire To Her Couch, Wards Away The Devil

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It was a strange site for firefighters in Denham Springs, Louisiana. When they showed up to a RV location, they crossed paths with a 53 year old woman named JoLynn Winn. From what is known, she set fire to her living room couch to “get the devil out”.

JoLynn, was later detained and taken to the Livingston Parish Detention Center, after an investigation was made by the Louisiana Office of the State Fire Marshal. A bond was later set at $125,000 dollars.

JoLynn Winn couch fire

Reportedly, JoLynn suffered from smoke inhalation, when firefighters arrived at Arnold Road. She was later taken to a local hospital location, before another investigation was established by Livingston Parish Fire Protection District 4.

couch on fire

This fire first started in the living room of JoLynn’s living room area. Her mobile home, quickly was set ablaze after the fire started. During the fire investigation, it was confirmed that the fire first started on the couch. JoLynn later admitted to starting the fire.

While this is most unusual, there are demonic and dark forces that can influence people to do things. It makes one wonder what JoLynn may have seen that evening. Her bizarre exorcism involving a ‘possessed’ couch, has only further gained attention.

JoLynn no doubt was traumatized by the entire event. Apparently, a spirit of sorts was in her midst that night. Smoke inhalation can pretty quickly kill someone. It isn’t the heat or fire many times that can claim someone’s life.

After JoLynn was treated at the hospital, she was later arrested for arson. Her home is now lost, after the fire burned it to the ground. The thought that a couch could be possessed, is pretty outrageous. However, with so many strange things happening, maybe it’s not too far fetched after all. Was JoLynn herself possessed by something? Anything is possible it seems.

(Source: Coast to Coast AM and The Livingston Parish News)

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