Russian scientist injects himself with strange bacteria becomes healthier

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Anatoli Brouchkov

A scientist from Russia, named Anatoli Brouchkov—injected himself with a bacteria that is estimated to be 3.5 million years old. Comparable to something from a comic book, the setup of this experiment was first tried upon mice (who are now outliving others) which were kept under observation. The mice are able to breed longer than before and overall they seem healthier.

After learning about this new breakthrough, Anatoli Brouchkov decided to inject himself as the first human guinea pig with his experiments. After his injection, Anatoli admits he feels better and that he has higher resistances to the environment around him. (including extreme cold and hot weather conditions)

Yakutsk, Russia

The origination of this strange bacteria, was first discovered within the Siberian permafrost of Yakut, Russia. Perhaps with this new found discovery, humans will be able to live longer and be more productive overall.

This new key to eternal life, will allow humans to boldly go where no one has gone before further progressing humanity. The cells examined displayed increases to physical activity and fortifying the bodies immune system. These cells discovered, are still puzzling as the origination of them may not even be human by nature.

Anatoli Brouchkov outside

Perhaps Anatoli Brouchkov has found the fountain of youth, with his unknown bacteria now labeled as “Bacillus F”. This strange bacteria, may well be a key component in improving longevity in human beings and with further research, maybe even cure some types of diseases.

With global warming happening, all across the world, Siberia has experienced melting. From this, Anatoli believes that the bacteria infiltrated the natural environment around it. This includes the bacteria spreading into the regional water supplies—as locals may have even been ingesting it unknowingly.

Yakutia Siberia Russia three women

After observing the people in Yakut, Russia—it has been determined that they are living longer despite their tough living conditions. Anatoli Brouchkov stated that he hasn’t had the flu for the last two years since injecting the Bacillus F bacteria into his body.

With different breakthrough discoveries such as this, it often isn’t easy to determine how it may work initially, until more research can be done and until more experiments happen. Brouchkov mentioned that he will continue his efforts and look for any side-effects which may happen to him and the mice.

Dr. Viktor Chernyavsky, an epidemiologist from Yakutsk said:

“If we can find how the bacteria stays alive, we probably would be able to find a tool to extend our lives. The bacteria gives out biologically active substances throughout its life, which activates the immune status of experimental animals.”

So far, plants have seen incredibly recovery after the Bacillus F was administered to them. Reproduction of older female mice once not reproducing—has changed as they now are able to. One day eternal youth may be discovered and with it a brave new world which will be changed forever.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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