Vietnam Veteran Dying Of Cancer, Shares Strange Experience From War

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Being small in stature, this man was relegated to being what is known as a tunnel rat. These men due to their size, are able to squeeze through places others simply cannot enter. He went on to say that he is 5’ foot 3 inches tall.

Most of the time this guys are sent into places that may or may not be wired with explosives or other traps. It is dangerous and something many cannot stomach. Typically, this squad during The Vietnam War, were operating out of a place located near Saigon. However, this was not the case upon one day. They were ordered to investigate a tunnel up north and west of Da Nang.

He along with his buddy Benoit, further explored the area. Inside of one tunnel, there they crawled further ahead. It seemed like an eternity as they had to deal with the foul smell coming from the tunnel. They suspected that this tunnel was freshly dug. Either spoiled food was down here or someone died down in this tunnel and were left to rot.

Both men were carrying model 39 guns, along with some C4 plastic explosives. Firing a gun in such confined space can be tricky as well. If someone were to fire off a Colt .45 in a narrow tunnel such as this, they would have blood pouring out of their ears.

The men pressed on and an estimated 45 minutes had passed by. They came upon a part of the tunnel where it opened up into a room. Inside of this room, was a sight they didn’t expect to see. There were no traps here but a single lamp hanging from the ceiling, with a canvas tarp on the opposite wall of the room.

Brushing the tarp aside with his pistol, they discovered a stone staircase leading down. He whispered to Benoit, “A stone staircase, this far underground? VC didn’t build this, this is old, very old, older than America old.”

Benoit then replied, “We’ve come this far, we have to keep going.” Both of them continued onward. The staircase seemed to descend in what they described as hell. Eventually they came across a room. Benoit, quickly said,  “Don’t shoot, there’s people in here, but there’s…something wrong with them.”

The room was lit with only candles burning. There were three women and seven men inside of this strange room. These people were all rocking back and forth in place without a care in the world. Their eyes seemed to be a solid color. It was difficult to see just what color their eyes were using only a red flashlight.

Glancing over, both men noticed all of their rifles were piled up on a corner. They wondered just how long these people had been down here for. They noticed what looked like an altar made from different materials. On the simply constructed plinth, stood the statue of a beautiful naked woman. The bottom part of this altar, had what looked like an octopus. It had dozens of tiny gold tentacles, which were meticulously crafted to this statue woman’s torso instead of her legs.

There was writing engraved upon the altar, which neither of the men recognized. Both of them decided not to touch it. They agreed to leave that place quickly. Following procedures, they decided to plant the C4 plastic explosives here. To them, these people were already dead. They set the timers for 90 minutes and rushed towards the staircase as quickly as they could. It seemed like a lifetime, until they reached the small room with the lamp.

In the distance they could hear a woman’s voice faintly calling far behind them.  “Ignore it, keep moving!!!!” Benoit shouted from behind. They weren’t going back and were fearing for their lives at this point.

Vietnam Da Nang

This was the longest crawl of their lives. Their hands, knees and arms were all bloodied from moving so fast through the tunnel. Eventually, they reached an opening and gasped for fresh air as they looked up at the light of day. They notified others about the tunnel and the C4 charges but didn’t say anything else about what they had seen. Both of them waited in silence praying. The ground then shook and a dull thud was heard. The spray of dirt emerging from part of the tunnel.

What these men experienced is something they will never soon forget. They had so many questions about this and what these people were doing down there. More importantly, who was keeping the candles lit deep down inside of the room?

(Source: My Haunted Life Too)

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