Druid witch stabbed by neighbor for noises and smells

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This incident occurred recently in Alderholt, Dorset. A woman who lives next door to a cult-like environment, decided she had enough. Using an umbrella, Mrs. Denyer age 52 lunged at her neighbor John Bennett known by his Pagan name “Bearheart”. Mr. Denyer age 56, grabbed a carving knife from their kitchen and stabbed at John (Bearheart).

Druid witch John Bennett attacked

The short jab strike, struck John towards the lower part of his chest. The knife didn’t penetrate his abdomen area. However, he did suffer some superficial injuries. John’s belly is larger due to him being a bigger man. This helped him from being further injured in this instance.

The attack took place during a back garden ceremony held by John. These types of ceremonies, involve chanting and the rhythmic beating of drums. John and his fellow believers practice such festivities every full moon cycle.

After this incident, both Mr. and Mrs. Denyer were found guilty of unlawful wounding. A trial was later held at Bournemouth Crown Court. The couple were given suspended prison sentences by a judge, after recognizing the couple were fed up with intolerable noises coming from next door.

Image: Mark Denyer and Mrs Denyer

Image: Mark Denyer and Mrs Denyer

Judge Fuller accepted that the Denyers intended to do serious harm to their neighbour. Because of this, he sentenced Mr. Denyer to 10 months in prison – suspended for a year and 130 hours of unpaid work. Mrs. Denyer, was given a six month suspended sentence and 100 hours of unpaid work.

Fuller went on to say, “You are of previous good character, you had gone to Hillbury Park for the tranquility and had no doubt led blameless and hardworking lives up until this particular point. This was clearly out of temper and frustration at the intolerable noises coming yet again from your neighbor’s garden.”

Mr. Denyer works as a lorry driver and due to the noises, he has had many restless nights. Other residents have reported strange noises and smells coming from John Bennett’s garden area.

Druid gathering drum circle

One neighbor who wished to remain anonymous said, “We sometimes heard odd, not normal, music and smells like joss sticks and things. John has a personalised number plate for his car that says 666, which is a bit worrying. I think he’s quite open about saying he’s a witch.”

Both Anne and Mark are neighbors who live higher up directly behind John. They said the noise levels are a lot worse at their home. They never understood exactly what was going on, but knew all of it was very different.

When the Denyer couple moved to Hillbury Park in 2017, they expected a peaceful living environment at a semi-retirement residential park. Instead, they got an earful of noise along with stench polluting their living space.

Image: Samantha Hathaway and John Bennett

Image: Samantha Hathaway and John Bennett

John Bennett lives with his partner Samantha Hathaway at their $200,00 dollar property. They are members of the Clan of the Pheryllt. Their beliefs are inspired by ancient druids who practiced alchemy in the Welsh mountains. Nowadays, members hold public and private rituals or esbats at the time of a full moon, solstices and equinoxes.

The entire incident is a strange one, perhaps these folks can find peace somehow with one another.

(Source: The Telegraph)

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