Flying White Horse witnessed in West Virginia

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In mythology, they are known as Pegasus. These flying horses, are revered with the utmost respect in many cultures and adventurous tales. They are one, if not the most recognized creatures in Greek mythology. Anyone fond of great animals, have treasured their very believed existence.

Flying horse West Virginia

Who could ever forget the late great visual effects creator Ray Harryhausen, who brought a pegasus to life on screen in Clash of the Titans (1981) with stop motion animation. This animal has since become iconic, also used in different logos and more.

Back in July of 1878, the New York Times, wrote an article titled: “What a West Virginia Farmer Saw.” This was in relation to a telegram, that made its way from a small town located in Parkersburg, West Virginia. The article pertained to the Cincinnati Commercial Tribune. It was in regards to an event that captivated several witnesses during one night.

During a clear cloudless night at around 7:00, a farmer glanced up to notice something flying in the night sky. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It seems a mysterious object seemed to gracefully grace the sky off into the distance. It seemed that this unknown object, was heading in his direction where several other farmers were located. All of this seemed to puzzle the farmers, as they at first were paying attention to their crops. This was something anyone would not think of ever seeing.

White flying horse in fog

When this object approached the men closer it appear to take more form. They described it “swimming in the clear atmosphere” right above the men standing in their fields. They rubbed their eyes in disbelief. It seemed as though this flying horse, was thrashing it’s head back and forth while violently kicking around. The horse from what is understood, took off in a 45° angle, leaving the ground below. It was hovering right off the ground and appeared to have several large wings.

It seems that the animal was frightened by something. The farmers were helpless yet captivated as they continued to stare at this magnificent beast ascending into the night sky above. Both men were scared and didn’t know how to react to such a situation. The horse was white colored, it seemed strong and purposeful. Asked later, the men best described this white horse able to swim in the sky above.

While something such as this is difficult to believe. It may have been something else entirely. Some believe the men were merely hallucinating. Others think the horse was fleeing from something else. It doesn’t explain how these men both witnessed the same mirage of sorts in the nighttime sky.

Whatever happened on that fateful night, has left people pondering. Questions remain unanswered, like why the men witnessed the same image of this white horse? All of this is truly strange indeed.

(Source: Ghost Theory)

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