Beware of the lizardmen

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Ore swamp

A strange event took place in Lee county South Carolina back on June 29th in 1988. What was seen by Chris Davis was unlike anything else known to date. His report describes a half-man half-lizard walking upright. It shocked and scared him the moment he witnessed it. Chris was just 16 years old at the time driving near Scape Ore Swamp, which is west of Mayesville, South Carolina.

He was on his way from work, it was late at night around 2:00 am. He stopped his car to change a flat tire. This lizard man was human-like in its form. As a cryptozoological creature—conclusive evidence hasn’t been found to prove its real existence yet as a reptilian humanoid.

lizard man

What is claimed is that this lizard man stands around 7 feet tall, it seemed rather strong with limbs similar to a humanoid form. Chris mentioned that this lizard man moved fast and had glowing red eyes. Each digit that it had included a circular padding which allowed it to move around clinging to trees like a gecko lizard.

Several more reports followed mentioning further encounters with this giant lizard. There were bizarre bite marks and scratches on the cars which were parked near Ore Swamp. Local sheriff’s department claimed it as nothing more than a bear wandering through the area. Biologists later were not able to classify the markings taken from plaster casters made which had 3-toed, 14-inch footprints taken at the location.

The most recent encounter dates back to July 30th, 1990 when Bertha Blythers left with her five children after eating dinner. Approximately around 10:30 pm they crossed the interstate at Hickory Hill Road when a large figure appeared out of nowhere. She claims that the creature had two arms which resembled a human. It was unlike anything she had ever seen before. This was reported to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

lizard men

Legends of lizard races date back to mythology including Cecrops the first king of Athens. Known as a half-man half-snake figure. Cecrops is known as a hero teaching Athenians about writing, reading, marriage and ceremonial burials.

Another is Echidna she was monstrous living in a cave and the mate of Typhon both of them serpent like in appearance being half human. The closet thing we have to a real-life lizard man in recent times is Erik “The Lizardman” Sprague who has altered his appearance to that of a lizard even splitting his tongue and sharping his teeth.

Erik Sprague

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