Nurse snaps photo of Bigfoot

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Bigfoot in Ohio

While driving by, a woman took a rather interesting photograph. She claims this is a real Bigfoot snapshot. Originally uploaded on January 11, 2015. This Sasquatch appears to be walking near a fence. It was taken in winter. Perhaps this Bigfoot was out scouring for food. The location is in Lorain County, Ohio in a more rural area. The population here is just over 300,000 people in the northeastern part of Ohio. In this particular area, it is estimated only 2,200 people live here.

The woman is a nurse and was really spooked by what she had seen. She works in an intensive care unit (ICU). This is the most spectacular thing she has ever seen beyond working as a nurse. Once a non-believer and after seeing with her own eyes—she now knows they do exist. This was first posted on an internet forum known as The Gear Page. A musician there named Gurtz claims to be the cousin of the nurse who took the photo.

footprint in snow

With so much doubt about Bigfoot and all of the hoaxes out there, they wanted to head back to the area to collect any physical evidence that they could including any footprints left behind. (But nobody really wanted to track back to the area in fear of what they might encounter) The nurse is a married lady, she mentioned this encounter with Bigfoot to her husband and children. While they had their suspicions, they now stand by her in what she had seen.

The photo is quite incredible. One could speculate this is merely a man in a monkey suit but this one is Hollywood quality at least. The dark shaped silhouette clearly contrasts against the snow and fence. In speculation, the height of the Bigfoot makes this beast quite tall. The fence posts are about 4 feet tall and this Bigfoot easily towers more than twice that height. Take into account that the Bigfoot probably weighs quite a bit and part of its feet are submerged in the snow and is slightly hunched over.

If you look carefully, there is a picnic table off to the left. Also, there is a broken cable spool and the fence line. Using all of these as a guide, it gives a sense of scale to the size of this Bigfoot. Whether or not this is a fully grown one is unknown. The nurse mentioned this thing was quite large and if you look closely you can see snow stuck to the leg and buttock area of the Bigfoot.

Looking more carefully you can see hair hanging off the forearm area as well. People argued on the forum debating there are no natural variations in the color of the hair. However, nobody for sure knows what Bigfoot hair color is suppose to look like. There has never been one captured that the general public knows about anyway.

Patterson-Gimlin film

This Bigfoot is quite similar to the famous Patterson-Gimlin film. The color, shape and size all look much alike.

The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage
GoPro dog captures Bigfoot on camera

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