Hacker finds UFO conspiracy

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A man named Gary McKinnon was able to break into NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) among other agencies and what he found was rather interesting. It seems based upon his findings, we truly are not alone in this world. For years, many have speculated about the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Gary faced upwards of ten years extradition into the USA. His findings of military hidings within the Pentagon made him a marked target. Gary mentions the government has known alien life has been monitoring the Earth for quite some time. Fear of mass pandemonium would lead to an unstable breakdown of our society and any previous religious beliefs would be deemed invalid.

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Up until this time, the government has been fairly successful in covering up its operations. However, constantly more sightings and witnesses have come forward around the world—stating that they have seen or even encountered a paranormal type experience.

What these people have witnessed, seems to be fairly consistent. Usually the shape of the alien ship seen is described in a similar way. The shape and sizes do seem to match up. Perhaps several alien species have actually stopped by to check out our planet. What they found and what they recorded has been joked about and also taken very seriously.

Donna Hare

Gary McKinnon also mentioned his interest with UFO’s and NASA since he was a young boy. He discussed further about the cover up by a former NASA contractor named Donna Hare. With her whistle blowing back in November of 2000, she claims that NASA staff has been digitally editing photographs recorded by satellites for years. These photos were doctored in such a way, before being released to the public. The photos were located originally in a building known as eight at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

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During his time window, he used Microsoft Windows to enter a number of computers at several facilities. At the time, he was at his girlfriends aunt’s home in London. Incredibly he had a long period of time before they finally caught on to him entering their systems totaling up to 255.

This lasted regularly for 3 years and 6 months. Who knows how much information he was able to weed through. McKinnon happened to find a file listing “non-terrestrial officers”. This file also showed a list of ranks and names including a file of material transfers between different ships with the US Navy. Gary was able to download an image but was only able to get just over half of it before being shutdown.

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After all of the this, Gary faced extradition from 2002 until 2012. He later was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. This condition is rather rare and the person has a higher functioning in their brain. It essentially is a form of autism. Somehow a figure of $700,000 was determined for the damage he did breaking into the government systems. It was claimed he was trying to get a hold of deeper secrets while he simply wanted answers to the truth of things.

While whether or not it was true that he deleted critical files and shut down military computers for 24 hours, remains to be unseen. Gary being a Scottish systems administrator and hacker will go down as one of the biggest military hackers of all time.

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