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Hells Gate Indiana night

The Horrors of Hell’s Gate Indiana

A number of people, have claimed that Hell’s Gate exists in a place called Brazil, Indiana. Rumors have swirled, saying that there are seven different gates that are actually located around the Wabash Valley...

Alien blonde woman drawing

Bizarre alien sex encounter from 1957

This is perhaps one of the most bizarre alien encounter cases ever reported about. A man back in 1957 named Antonio Villas Boas, was working out in a field at his families farm. During...

Pombéro creature on camera

Pombéro creature captured on camera

Dating back to Guaraní mythology, where people from South America live—a most unusual creature has been mentioned and even captured on video in recent times. Known as the Pombéro, these small stature d humanoid...

Varginha alien

The Varginha UFO incident

Perhaps this event is the biggest thing since the infamous Roswell incident. The event took place back on January 20th, 1996. An alleged sighting took place of an extraterrestrial creature during the afternoon. What...


Nazca lines around the world

Our world is filled with unknown explanations, this is another discovery which has some scientists perplexed. Over 50 geoglyphs of different sizes have been discovered across the northern part of Kazakhstan located in the...


35 year old woman looks like a baby

Sometimes in life things can happen to us even at birth. People are born in all different shapes, colors and sizes. We are complex machines even the slightest thing can go wrong and we...