9 Unbelievable things found in peoples backyards

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People have fantasized about finding precious treasure or other valuables while poking around their yards. Occasionally, people find something even far more bizarre, in their backyards. The following list, includes some of the most strange things people have found in their own backyards. It makes one wonder about our world and what is actually happening in it. (While digging through the trash, sometimes people can find some unusual things as well)

Dino 246 GTS Ferrari car found in backyard

Stolen Ferrari found buried in backyard

9. While they were bored and searching for some fun, several children living in Los Angeles back in 1978 began digging in their backyard. To their surprise, they found a Dino 246 GTS Ferrari. As it turns out, this Ferrari car was actually stolen years ago. Residents who lived here never noticed anything unusual going on. So, the thieves were quite discrete about it and knew what they were doing. The car is believed to have been a part of an insurance scam of sorts. Obviously, these thieves never were able to get the car, despite all their efforts.

Mammoth femur bone found in backyard

Giant sized mammoth femur bone found

8. A family from Iowa, were out picking fruit in their backyard back in 2010. They stumbled onto a white object, which was sticking up out from the ground. They couldn’t believe what they had found. After spending time digging it up out of the earth, they noticed a really large sized femur bone.

It must have belonged to some kind of creature, to satisfy their curiosity about it they took the bone to scientists from their local university. It was later identified as being a 12,000 year old wooly mammoth bone. Scientists then visited with the family and examined the area where the bone was found. They discovered more mammoth bones except for the mammoth skull which was missing.

39 year old man finds second world war explosives in his backyard

Dangerous explosives discovered by backyard stump

7. A 39 year old man living in the Czech Republic, finally got around to digging out some tree stumps in his backyard. He was puzzled at first when his shovel struck the ground. Hearing the sound of metal striking metal, he cautiously continued digging around the tree stumps.

His gut feeling told him to contact the police. He was glad that he did. Police investigated the scene and to everyone’s surprise they discovered numerous hand grenades and several TNT explosives dating back to the Second World War.

Mack Reed marijuana found under hot tub

Hidden drugs discovered under hot tub

6. While a man from Los Angeles was installing solar panels in his backyard, he happened to notice some strange bags underneath his hot tub. Mack Reed couldn’t believe what he found. It seems a drug dealer stashed drugs, worth a lot of cash underneath his hot tub.

According to what the police department mentioned to him, the value of the marijuana found…was estimated to be worth $175,000 dollars. Mack briefly contemplated selling the drugs for profit but instead elected to contact the police. Now his place is under surveillance after he posted a sign saying: “We found it and the called police. They confiscated it and are now watching the place. Sorry.”

Alligator in Florida couples backyard swimming pool

Alligator makes use of couples backyard swimming pool

5. When Sharon Bente from Florida heard strange sounds coming from her backyard, she went to investigate. To her shock, she noticed an alligator taking a swim in her backyard pool. Immediately, she called her husband. The couple noticed, that the large reptile clawed out a hole through their patio screen.

It seems that the alligator tried to lift itself out of the pool, but continued to fail. They contacted an alligator trapper, who later came to remove the gator. The alligator was then taken to a farm nearby. The couple later put up a new patio screen, to replace the old one. They are cautious, every time they go into the backyard now for a swim now.

Pyramid of Khufu passage found by man digging in his backyard

Egyptian man mistakenly discovers causeway to Pyramid of Khufu

4. In 2014, a man named Nagy from Egypt was illegally digging in his backyard. As he continued, he discovered what appeared to be a passage of sorts, after finding huge stone blocks inside the ground buried 33 feet. As it turns out, he unknowingly discovered the legendary causeway to the Pyramid of Khufu. This is the oldest of the three known Giza pyramids. Up until this point, archaeologists had been searching for this corridor for more than 30 years.

Yuba City California dog digs up dead body

Family dog finds human remains in backyard

3. A family living in Yuba City, California had a most unusual day. The family dog being curious decided to dig up a pot buried in the ground. Inside of the pot contained human remains. Police were called in and upon investigation, they determined this person had been killed for some kind of religious ritual.

Police then further searched their property to find more strange remains including doll fragments among other things like coins and machetes. Nathaniel Oberman at first wasn’t worried about his dog digging up the porcelain doll, it was the clay pot with the human skull inside of it that freaked him out.

Mysterious Object found in backyard

Sisters find mysterious crystal object in their backyard

2. The Kitchener sisters wanted to dig for worms in their backyard. After digging for a while, they discovered what appeared to be a large shiny rock. This strange object was blue by its appearance and the size of a human head. The sisters thought at first, that this was a meteorite that fell about a month earlier. They were mistaken, this object to date, still hasn’t been identified yet.

A professor was brought in named Phil McCausland, according to him…most meteorites are found atop the ground or just a bit inside of it. They are never this deeply buried inside the soil like this strange object was. It seems this object was deliberately buried. Now, the sisters are determined to find out what exactly this is. They are hoping that it will be of great value after contacting gem expert, Gary Winkler, who was asked to analyze the object.

Gold coins in cans found backyard Nevada

Nevada couple literally finds hidden treasure

1. Many people are eager to find something quite valuable while out exploring, even in their own backyards. This is exactly the kind of luck, a couple from Sierra, Nevada had when they dug around in their yard, discovering one of the biggest hoards of gold found in the United States yet.

They found a number of rusty cans, which contained 19th century U.S. gold coins. These coins were placed inside these rusty cans, by someone many years ago. The estimated value of this coins are believed to be worth just over 10 million dollars, making the couple quite rich comparable to winning a lottery drawing. The couple said they poked around with a stick and then took the cans inside to their house. At first, it looked like a batch of discs covered in dirt with rotten holes in the cans. They were flabbergasted at what they found.

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