Scott C. Waring spots alien life on Mars

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Image: Scott C. Waring from Facebook

Image: Scott C. Waring from Facebook

Spotted recently, appears to be a pair of extraterrestrials on planet Mars. The find was discovered by writer, teacher and UFOlogist Scott C. Waring. He posted on his blog, UFO Sightings Daily about it on January 11th. Anomalies are often seen in space and most of the time, they are dismissed by government officials as nothing.

This time however, there seems to be evidence that something rather unusual is happening on Mars. The image isn’t perfect, but it is good enough to clearly see detail, in what appears to be several alien beings standing next to each other. NASA claims that the pair of aliens seen in the photograph, are nothing more than light playing tricks upon the eye.

Two aliens on Mars

The series of unusual images, were photographed by the Curiosity rover droid. It’s mission is to capture any signs of life and unusual activity. Afterward, these high-definition images, are broadcast back to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration here on Earth.

Waring scours regularly for signs of life elsewhere. He mentioned that these alleged aliens, were standing not far from what appears to be some sort of collapsed wall. Perhaps a colony of aliens have established themselves here or were part of a scout team mission comparably.

Scott said: “Are you having trouble believing in aliens today? Well then, have a look at these photos from the Mars surface. I also found a large detailed statue of a pig-like creature, and something that looks like a bowl shaped house with its roof ajar. There were also lots of rectangle or square entrances at the bottom of rocks, I only included two, but I saw many.”

Wild theories emerged about Mars being a part of an intergalactic nuclear war event. It is believed by some theorists, that life at some point once thrived on Mars before this war or fight took place.

Two alien figures on Mars

Scott said, that one figure is short and the other is taller standing next to it. The other figure has its knees bent as if it were sitting down. The others legs seem to be spread, with its back towards the other one.

Pig statue Mars

He also mentioned that a statue is seen which resembles a pig-like creature and a bowl shaped house structure that seems to have its roof ajar. Other discoveries made by him includes more rocks that appear like part of structure of sorts.

Some believe, that Scott is looking far too much and seeing things that simply aren’t there. Likewise, there are others who believe something is there perhaps even real alien lifeforms. The location of the discovery is from Mars Sol.

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