A Young Woman Named Maria Talarico Became Possessed To Solve A Murder

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Back in the year 1936, the body of a young man named Giuseppe Veraldi was found under the Catanzaro bridge in Catanzaro, Italy. Intriguingly, he had a large sized wound upon his head. Police initially thought the wound was caused from Giuseppe’s head striking the rocks below the bridge.

His body was first considered a suicide, this is due to the bridge being know as a place where people took their life. It is even nicknamed “suicide bridge” because of all the people who have killed themselves here.

It is a long drop from a top this bridge. Many wondered exactly why Giuseppe “Pepe” took his own life. He was doing well in life and nobody could have imagined why he did such a thing.

After three years passed by (since Giuseppe died) a 17 year old girl named Maria Talarico was on her way walking under the Catanzaro bridge. Out of nowhere she collapsed to the ground. Later, she was taken back home from the help of her friends. When she regained consciousness, something very strange happened.

Her feminine voice had been replaced by the deep, gruff voice of a man. When she spoke, the following words were muttered: “My name is Pepe.” Neither the family or Maria herself had no idea what happened three years earlier, when Giuseppe died. 

Once she started speaking like a man, Pepe (Giuseppe) requested that his mother be brought to Maria’s home. Immediately, they responded and attempted to track down the young man’s mother. They began asking around, trying to locate her by questioning neighbors and others of her whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Maria continued to speak with Pepe’s voice. She (he) began to ask for cigarettes, wine and even a deck of playing cards. Eventually they did locate his mother and she was brought to Maria’s home.

When she entered the home she was eerily greeted with the voice of her deceased son. She looked over to see Maria playing cards with the neighbors there. 

Shockingly, Pepe spoke through Maria and said that he was murdered by Luigi Marchete his alleged friend. It was over an argument about a woman.

Upon delivering this message to mother through the body of Maria, she suddenly jumped from her chair and ran out from the house. Somehow, she made her way back to the same spot where Pepe was murdered. Not long after Maria recovered back to normal.

Around nine years later, the ageing mother of Giuseppe “Pepe” Veraldi ended up receiving an unexpected letter in the mail. It was from Luigi Marchete himself. Inside of the letter was a written confession to the murder of Pepe along with three others whom Luigi had killed.

Pepe’s mother reported the letter to the police and the investigation was then opened once again. Luigi Marchete was living in Argentina, when he sent the letter and could not be brought back to Italy to face these murder charges.

Of the three others involved in the murder, one was dead, the other two were tried in the Italian courts and convicted of the murder of Giuseppe “Pepe” Veraldi. The entire story is a fascinating one and makes one wonder about the dead seeking revenge from beyond the grave.

(Source: Anomalien)

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