Ukrainian Hostess Blinks Her Alien Reptilian Eyes During Interview

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A rather unusual looking video has been floating around the internet. One co-host from the Ukraine was seen blinking her eyes. The only thing is, her eyes appeared to have a serpentine slit in the middle. The television program where this first aired was from “Atheist to Holiness” on АллатРа ТВ (an internet television channel).

Ukraine host believed to be reptilian

This woman appears to have reptilian eyes as the interview takes place. The program was both broadcast and produced by AllatRa. This particular episode lasted for several hours and during that time, a man and woman can be seen and heard discussing ‘The Lost City of Atlantis’ among other things like spirituality.  

Many believe that alien reptilians live among us and have infiltrated our society. These living reptile-like humanoids are thought to be from times past. They likely lived on Earth before humans did. Perhaps there is even an underground community of them living underneath our very feet.

Most of anything to do with reptilians is mere hearsay, but there are those who wonder about the possibility of this. After all, there are many weird and unusual things lurking in our world. Some things cannot be explained as they are likely more paranormal related. 

While the idea of reptilians is not new, it was surely popularized by David Icke, a conspiracy theorist of sorts. He claimed that a race of shape-shifting reptilian aliens have taken control of Earth but assuming the form of human beings.

David has previously mentioned that most of the world’s ancient and modern leaders are related to these reptilians. This includes the Merovingian dynasty, the Rothschild’s, the Bush family and the British Royal family among others.

The theory is, these alien reptilians have gained positions of power including within the government. This would give them the power to manipulate human society any way they want. While most believe alien reptilians are evil, they may be protectors of humanity instead. It is all speculative at this point in time. 

(Source: Anomalien)

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