Signs You May Have Been Abducted By Aliens

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Most everyone knows about aliens and life from beyond our world. There have been many people who have claimed they were abducted by some kind of non-human entity.

It seems in recent times, a growing amount of people have come forward stating – they too have been  taken away and experimented upon. It doesn’t seem to matter where anyone is from, yet they all say they have been taken and brought on-board some kind of spaceship.

alien abduction

Why these people are targeted remains the biggest question. Were they just unlucky or did these extraterrestrials want to study them for whatever different reason. They are often subjected to cruel experimentation’s, that leave not only a psychological long term effect but sometimes physical ones as well. 

Women are sometimes targeted for the reason that they could breed with these aliens creating some kind of alien hybrid offspring. Many believe they already are among us and have integrated into our very society. 

A recurring theme seems to happen with abductees. This includes people displaying signs of weakness in their bodies (including but not limited to) muscle injuries, specifically in the back and/or neck and legs. Sometimes these people state they have recurring nightmares about what happened to them. 

These folks often feel angry for no reason or very nervous in their behavior. After some time they even start developing paranoia about anything and everything.

This would make sense if they had suffered some kind of trauma like this. Anyone who feels like they have suffered like this should seek professional counseling and see a doctor.

Most of the time, these people say they were forced from their daily life and taken away to a spaceship of some sort. It is there where they experienced unimaginable things. The technology these beings have is likely greater than anything else we know about today.

Others might even have an idea they have been abducted and taken away until much later on. They simply cannot recall much detail (if any) about this.

Some seem to have real evidence of something that happened to them including scratches, bruises and other abrasions on their bodies. Sometimes they even have unexplained scars and pains happening to them. Their vision, hearing, taste and smell might be different than it was before.

People likely would be abducted after they fall asleep. Their body is in a state of rest and it would make being abducted that much easier.

Is it possible that people suffering from certain medical conditions such as narcolepsy, sleepwalking or insomnia have been abducted at some point in their lives? Some think so while others scoff at the idea. 

One thing is for sure, we know very little and claim many things about what we do not understand. Often it goes on for far too long after the damage has already been done.

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