Four college women experience the unexplainable

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Four female friends (who all attended the same college) were out for a journey into a remote part of Highway 56, which stretches 640 miles along the Midwestern part of the United States. It is here, along this same very road back in 1972, when these ladies experienced something quite bizarre.

The reason they went out this day, was to spend time at a rodeo show being held in Nevada. These young women, were making their way back to Southern Utah University, located in Cedar City. The had a pretty good distance to cover, before returning back to their dorm rooms. They didn’t think that they would return before curfew. Determined, these women pressed onward trying to make up some lost time. It seems that this is what escaped them on that fabled day.

Southern Utah University Campus

As they took a northbound exit ramp that would lead them back towards the University, their journey began to suddenly take a turn for the strange. The roadway they were driving upon changed, as they continued onward they approached a what appeared to be a previously nonexistent wall of rock. Everything seemed different for them, they were utterly confused at what was happening.

The landscape around them was completely changed. At first, they thought that they took a wrong turn but instead their minds raced for answers. It seems that everything from the fields and crops to the forest once not there now appeared off into the distant horizon. They looked at one another and pondered. These things were not around before and after taking the exit ramp, they suddenly became disoriented.

One of the young ladies decided to ask for directions. They circled back towards a restaurant. Then, one of them rolled down the window in the car and asked someone in the parking lot leaving, where they were and where they had to go. Not long after this moment, the young women found themselves in hot pursuit by unexplained futuristic trike type vehicles. The entire event, only lasted for a short while.

All of this is simply unexplained, the women claimed that the person that had seen was simply not human. Was it possible that these women somehow traveled through time in space or warped into a parallel world of some sort?

Four college women experience the unexplainable

Not long after, they found themselves back on the right path headed for home. Whatever they had seen, one of them mentioned that these things were inhuman. Many questions remain unanswered as whatever the young ladies had seen, appeared to be not of this Earth including the surroundings around them.

It would be interesting to see a drawing of what the women witnessed. Maybe a time glitch happened and they were transported into the distant future. Although their experience was short-lived, this is something that these ladies will remember forever…as it continues to haunt their memories.

“Haunted highways or roads refer to streets, roads or highways which are the subject of folklore and urban legends, including rumors and reports of ghostly apparitions, ghostly figures, phantom hitchhikers, phantom vehicles, repeating or looping highways, or other paranormal phenomena.”

– Wikipedia

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