Unsettling Dark Figure Recorded In Tennessee Forest

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Since the video was posted by James Jones on YouTube, people have since wondered what this figure might be. Is this some kind of paranormal type entity such as a demon? Perhaps it is a forest protector of sorts rarely ever seen. Most people think this is nothing more than a fallen tree, that resembles a human type shape. 

From what is understood, this dark figure was captured on video while James was out scouting around for his indie horror movie production. He had written the script and was looking for a remote location on where to film it back on April 7, 2012. 

After further research, James along with others called it a day. He decided to return to the same location where they were wanting to film, when he noticed this mystery figure off in the distance. James has no explanation about what this thing might even be.

The weird dark looking figure seems to be facing the direction where he was. James said he was looking around the tree line where he was encase a nearby deer, turkey or other wildlife might be prowling around on that day. 

Did he somehow manage to summon forth some kind of spirit? James further commented saying where this figure was, he earlier made a circle of sorts. Perhaps something or someone was living there. This could be someone with a costume on. Some viewers mentioned that the dark figure seems to be moving back and forth ever so slightly seen in the video.

“I went back out with the camera right before sundown this evening and believe it or not it was gone. I decided it was pointless to record nothing but trees. Before you ask, yes we ruled out trees, stumps etc.” James said.

You could say it’s fake, but two things that make this unsettling is…no light reflects off it even with it being directly under the sunlight. Both the shape and position are peculiar. If this is a tree stump, then it likely would not curve like this. 

If another tree was pushing against it, then it would create shade in that same area. The dark figure seen tends to sway back and forth slightly. A real tree stump would not move like this.

The dark figure does appear to have a head and body or at least appears to have the illusion of this. This is difficult to explain and while James was there, he didn’t seem to approach the figure any further because he was cautious and probably scared. After all, if you were there, would you approach something like this in a remote forest area? 

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