There Was Something Evil In The Woods With Us

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A reader named Jasmine shared her story on the site Anomalien recently. She went on to explain when she was 17 years old, she went camping with her family.

This wasn’t the best day as the weather soon took a turn for the worse. They decided to seek shelter at the families old cabin in the woods.

Something evil in our cabin

Many years had passed since Jasmine was there. She woke up in the middle of that night, to see something rather sinister. It was right there before her in the darkness.

She recalls being about half asleep when she noticed what resembled a shadow hovering over her. Thinking it was a bad dream, she closed her eyes tightly and drifted off back to sleep.

On the very next morning, she remembered what she had seen. While eating her breakfast, she glanced over at a nearby mirror located in the main room to fix her hair.

The moment she did this, she noticed a black shadowy figure standing just over her shoulder. She jumped and looked back to see nothing there.

When Jasmine looked back towards the mirror, she noticed what resembled a black orb in the reflection. It seemed to be at the very far part of the room behind her. This was a circular looking orb, it was the best way she could describe it. 

The size of this orb was rather small and it seemed to be hovering or floating in the air. When she told her parents about this, she insisted that they leave but due to the heavy rain, it would be a while before they could leave and get back on the road.

The next night, she stayed up late with her parents. They were packing up things, to get an early start on the next day. All of a sudden, the lights in the cabin went off.

It was now pitch black and they had difficulty seeing around them. Sometimes Jasmine would get dizzy during moments like this. She couldn’t explain why.

Her parents began to stumble around trying to fiddle with the light switches, Jasmine soon enough began to follow behind them. Not long after, Jasmine bumped into someone but it wasn’t her father, mother or sister who seemed to be way across the room.

There was someone in front of her and she began to get creep ed out. Desperately, she began to look for her father.

She eventually found him and stayed close. Then a bit longer the lights then returned. Nobody else was around them and she was having a tough time with this situation.

After speaking with her father, she learned that he himself experienced strange happenings at the family cabin. He always believed though it was just his imagination and nothing else. 

The family was ready to leave upon the next day. The began to pack up the car and Jasmine was waiting with her sister on the sofa. Something unexplained happened again, it felt like it was sneaking up on her. When she looked over she witnessed what looked like a dark mist turning into the room she was sleeping in. 

Jasmine freaked out and called out for her parents, her father came running. She told him what she had seen. It was at this moment when they all heard a loud thumping noise coming from upstairs. This noise even shook the place and the lights hanging from the ceiling even swayed. 

An awful smell began to stench the same room where Jasmine was staying. She looked over to see this same dark mist form by the staircase. It was so rotten and foul, it put off everyone there.

Her father also noticed this same dark looking mist. The family began to leave when the noticed this mist no longer moving by the staircase. 

Jasmine said, “I don’t know what on earth this was inside the cabin, but I know it was evil and something about it just didn’t seem right. It’s been 10 years since this happened and my family has never returned to this cabin for good reason.”

It is unknown what exactly this might have been, but it seemed like some kind of shadow person. Did someone die here and was haunting the place? Maybe they will return again one day to see if this thing is still there, then again maybe not.

(Source: Anomalien)

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