Black Eyed Adults Killed my Boyfriend

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Many stories have been mentioned about these notorious fiends. They are best described as being youthful in appearance, with a rather sinister persona. There are various encounters with Black Eyed Children, that have circulated around the internet. Most notably, is how they appear randomly at people’s doorsteps or sometimes in remote locations when someone is parked alongside the road.

When approached by one, it is best to remain cautious. Likely, these children have been possessed by a dark force, unknown to us…exactly what it might be. Each time someone encounters a Black Eyed Child, they usually become overwhelmed with a sense of dread.

This causes people on occasion, to break down emotionally or become mysteriously sick for no reason. Often it seems, that people who encounter a Black Eyed Child, later die slowly from debilitating conditions like cancer. It also seems that Black Eyed Children, are not limited to just being children.


There have been adults as well who have been reported about as being a Black Eyed Adult. Rumors have spread, mentioning that Black Eyed Children have been responsible for the deaths of anyone foolish enough to let them enter their home.

A witness from the United Kingdom named Esme, said that she met up with a Black Eyed Adult. This thing killed her boyfriend leaving her heartbroken. The encounter allegedly happened back in 2012. During the time, Esme and her boyfriend were living in Leigh Woods just outside Bristol, UK. Over the span of 3 months, they experienced strange things. They left their home going to work one day early in the morning at around 10:30 am.

At the bottom of a gorge, there were 4 different people wandering alongside the area. A short middle-aged man who had a grey beard and completely black eyes was the first one they had seen. The next was a very middle aged looking woman whose eyes were entirely black. Another boy was seen around 17 whose eyes were black as well.

This boy also had an underbite with what appeared to be fangs protruding upwards. The last person they noticed, was a very beautiful black girl around 20 years of age. This girl’s eyes appeared to be normal. The path and part of the road was flooded, with a number of puddles around the area.

It was estimated that these puddles were around a foot deep each. Oddly enough, as they watched these people from the distance, they appeared to not step into any of the puddles. All but the black girl, were rather pale and pasty looking. The skin they had, didn’t seem to fit any of them. It was as if they were wearing costumes.

Each of their limbs were bending in places, where humans have no joints. It was really bizarre to see. Several of them wandered by Esme and her boyfriend, simply saying “Good morning” with unsettling smiles. It was unnerving to Esme, as they stared back like they were peering into her very soul.

The teenage looking Black Eyed Child, appeared to be rather angry from his expression. The girl looked happy yet dazed. It was as if, she had been hypnotized staring off into space while walking. They were strangely dressed, for it being flood season and their clothes didn’t make much sense to be wearing for this time of year.

Black Eyed little girl

Further things seemed to haunt Esme’s very thoughts, like the fact that her boyfriend died so early at age 22. He died in one of the quays, in the very same river that the towpath follows. He threw himself into the water trying to save a drowning girl. Known as Sally, he spotted her then spoke for only a few moments before plunging into the water below after her. He could’ve been saved but he refused to let anyone rescue him.

From what is known, there are a lot of residential boats on that quay. Many people were around that day and heard him shouting to the drowning girl. People came and tried to save him, but it was too late. Police scoured the area, looking for this girl yet she was never found. They believe that all of this was brought on from his imagination. Perhaps, although it was assumed…that he had been on some kind of drug. Was all of this just a figment of his imagination?

Esme went on to mention, that all of this may well seem far fetched, but she desperately wanted to find out more about the Black Eyed Children, including the adults. This is a rather bizarre yet interesting encounter with a few of them, whether or not it is true is left for interpretation. The story is a strange one indeed.

(Source: Week in Weird)

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