Letta the haunted gypsy doll

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wagga wagga

Buried deep beneath an abandoned house (which was believed to be haunted) a man named Kerry Walton found a rather unusual hand carved doll. This was no ordinary doll, it seemed to be a vessel for something otherworldly. Quite often this doll made both animals and people become rather hysterical. When Kerry Walton was in his 20’s, he went home to Wagga Wagga, Australia back in 1972.

Letta the haunted doll

The reason for his return (as fate would have it) was to attend a funeral, something lured him to wander the streets at some point during the night. As he wandered towards this old abandoned house. Perhaps he was reflecting in his thoughts about life and what his future would bring. Whatever the reason, he was drawn to this place, which had haunted his thoughts since he was a child. Feeling adventurous, he found an opening to the cellar of the house—it was there he could only see by the burning light of his torch.

Kerry with Letta

This home had not been touched in years and it certainly showed as dust kicked up from years of disuse. Nearly falling down his foot passed through a rotted part of the flooring. The building made of stone, brick and timber began to give way from the decay. He peer around the corner as the light reflected upon a set of eyes, which were starring back at him. At first, he thought this was a small deceased child, however as he approached closer he noticed this was a rather grotesque looking marionette doll.

Kerry was creeped from what he noticed however he decided to take the doll before leaving. This doll would change his life forever as fate would have it. Exhausted he retired for the evening, sat the doll down and went to bed. The next day, his newfound interest about the doll drove him to learn more about it. As it turns out, this doll was originally from the eastern part of Europe.

He took it to a museum in the area and they explained to him this doll was at least several hundred years old. The doll had nails inside its feet and legs. This was typical for a doll such as this, from that period of time.

Strangely, the doll had real human hair and under its scalp appeared to be the likeness of a human brain. All of this was rather fascinating to him, Kerry believed he had something rather special so he at some point took the doll to several psychics for further information.

What he learned was startling. The doll maker made this doll in the likeness of his son with exaggerated features. His son had died from drowning when he was only six years old. This very much was like a Pinocchio type story.

It was believed that this doll had harnessed the spirit of the doll makers son and was still alive in some sense. In some tales, dolls are believed to provide a vessel for a human soul after death giving the fallen person a new worldly home.

This marionette seems to be malevolent, yet still keeps the soul of this restless young spirit who refuses to move onward into the afterlife. Several times Kerry was offered money for the doll but he could never find himself parting with it. Kerry wanted to keep the doll now named “Letta” (Letta-me-out being the full name) until his timely death.

(Source: The Paranormal Guide)

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