Zombie Meat Crawls Off Plate By Itself At Asian Restaurant

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The video was titled ‘Zombie Chicken’ but some think this is frog meat. Either way, it is weird and some think its CGI. Imagine if this happened to you while you were out somewhere having lunch or dinner. 

Where this took place is unknown but the video went viral around the internet. One commenter does think the skinned meat is from a frog, comparing it to the frog legs seen on the plate to the left.

The video was uploaded by Rie Phillips on Facebook several weeks ago and has been seen millions of times. The piece of meat seemingly starts moving by itself off the plate only to then fall onto the floor. The restaurant likely serves asian cuisine which may include Chinese, Japanese and/or Korean type dishes.

Zombie Chicken Falls From Table

After further research, it is believed that the meat on the plate is a dish known as ‘Frog Sashimi’. This dish includes the upper torso portion of a frog.

The preparation for a dish like this includes the frog having its three hearts cut out. The skull is usually gashed in half during food preparation. Some chefs even serve the beating frog hearts as well.

Talk about a fresh meal, the meat is very, very fresh. This means that if someone added salt, lemon juice or soy sauce among other things, it would create a chemical type reaction generating energy in the muscle tissue. This would explain why the meat began to move by itself causing it to spasm and react the way it did. Some think its a skinned bullfrog. 

Some people even thought that strings were used to pull the meat off the table. But likely this isn’t the case. It happened from a chemical type reaction and probably wasn’t CGI either. For some people, this is another reason why they are vegetarians or will become one. 

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