Blind people have more nightmares, only seeing with their dreams

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Most of us don’t have to deal with such a hardship in life. But there are a number of people who have either become or were born blind. Both are disturbing to think about. If you once could see and then lost your sight later in life, then you have some memories in your mind of how the world actual looks. Unfortunately, you will not see the world progress or regress as time continues onward. It is inevitable that these visual memories will fade away over time within the human mind.

Those who have never seen before, can only use their imaginations to try and see or create within their mind of how things actually are. These thoughts are quite difficult to fathom, for those of us who can actually see and have good vision in life.

Just because a blind person can’t see, doesn’t mean that they cannot function at some level in life. Their other senses take over and ultimately help them navigate through their daily routine. Interestingly enough, blind people experience way more nightmares than those who have sight. According to one statistic, they experience 20% more nightmares overall.


There seems to be a fine line between both seeing and imagining. With most people’s experiences, their dreams are rehashes of their reality. However, a blind person has never visually seen anything other than darkness, so they have to relive and imagine things without imagery. It makes those who can see, wonder if blind people can understand color and various different shapes and sizes.

For those people who have become blind later in life, will experience far less visually than they did before within their dreams. Also, the longer they have lived as a blind person, the far less common their visual experiences will be. There have been masterfully momentous moments made in people’s dreams…that have been turned into reality.

Some examples of this, are Mary Shelley creating the world’s first sci-fi novel, from her vivid waking dream. Albert Einstein, discovered the principle of relativity after he experienced a vivid dream. Most of the time, our dreams are rather mundane, we kind of relive the reality that we encounter in our daily lives.

Eye of the beholder world

Sometimes there are twists and turns that happen in our dreams, that make things much more interesting than they are in reality. These fantasies or nightmares sometimes cause us to suddenly wake up during the night. The imagery we perceive, in our dreams can be very real to us. Known as a lucid dream, the dreamer may even have control over their dream experiences which includes their surrounding environment and narrative.

Being handicapped by any way in life is a struggle. There have been great accomplishments made by those who are blind or handicapped otherwise. Think about what a gift it is to see the world around you, as there are some who simply never will. Likewise, there are some who see things from only one perspective, making them blind in many other ways.

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