After Surgery, Woman Is Left With “Farting Boob”

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Unfortunately, sometimes people do not receive services rendered the way they want. When someone expects to deal with a medical professional, they give them their trust. However, what happens if the procedure done leaves someone with less than desired results? This is what happened to ex-model Emily Nolan.

She elected to get breast implants, moving from a size 35B to a 35DD. After the result, she ended up with one of her breasts turning into what she called a “farting boob”. Emily decided to get the implant, after her ex-boyfriend suggested that she have her boobs enhanced. Emily, has since contended with a “farting boob”, as it makes noises while squishing and squeezing it.

She had the breast enhancements when she was 23 years old. Her then boyfriend said to her that “real women have boobs”. During this time, Emily wasn’t happy about going under the knife for the procedure yet she wanted to make her boyfriend happy.

Emily Nolan breasts

Now that Emily is 32 years old, she has since tolerated many years of pain and discomfort. The results of the breast enhancements, have left her embarrassed and in pain after having them done. Emily said that she now has shoulder and neck pain from having larger breasts. Each time she raises her arms, she deals with embarrassing fart-like noises when she goes to raise her arms up.

Emily said, “Whenever I’d lift my arms, say to hug a friend, the implants would make an awful, not to mention embarrassing, fart noise. You could hear the noise every time I raised my arms, which was truly the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.”

It is unclear why she waited so long to “fix” this. But now Emily is back to a 35B breast size, closer to her natural size from before. However, when Emily had her second extraction surgery to remove the implants, she contracted an infection. This resulted in her wound not being able to heal properly. Eventually, she did recover and she started to get back into fitness again. With her extra large sized breasts, she was hindered from being able to exercise properly.

Emily Nolan farting breast

From all of this, Emily was left with a small sized hole under her right breast. She believes this is the spot where the farting type noises were coming from. Emily had concerns about having future infections and having to surgically replace her implants every ten years. All of this was too much for her deal with. She hopes after sharing her story this will be an eye opener for those women who are thinking about getting breast enlargements.

Technology and procedures have come a long way but anytime you put something foreign into your body, you risk that something bad might happen. Emily said removing her implants was the best decision she’s ever made.

(Source: The Sun)

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